Donald Trump wanted to go to the Capitol with a mass that he knew was armed

  • Cassidy Hutchinson, assistant to the chief of staff, stars in an explosive devastating public hearing for the former president

  • Trump wanted to go personally to the Capitol and even tried to take the steering wheel of ‘the beast’ and before the shouts to hang Pence he said: “He deserves it”

donald trump knew that the January 6, 2021 there was a good number of people armed to the teeth in Washington, but insisted that they be allowed to attend his speech. “I don’t give a fuck if they have gunsThey are not here to hurt me & rdquor ;, he said. “Remove the fucking magnetometers. let my people in, you can go to the capitol from here& rdquor ;, he cried, angry that security controls were limiting the number of attendees.

donald trump wanted to go personally to the Capitol after his intervention, even knowing that the revolt had already started, even when his legal advisers knew that they had to avoid it at all costs because if they did, as Pat Cipollone said, “They are going to charge us with all imaginable crimes everyone.” In fact, he got into the presidential limousine to do it. And when his staff told him that they had to go back to the White House for security, he replied: “I’m the fucking president. Take me to the Capitol right now & rdquor ;. I was so furious who got thereTry to catch the flyer of ‘The Beast’.

donald trump did nothing when the violence broke out, when the mob he had harangued stormed the Capitol. When he learned that among the protagonists of the revolt they were shouting “hang Mike Pence & rdquor ;, the vice president whom he has just questioned in a tweet for alleged “lack of courage & rdquor; for refusing to follow a plot that would have prevented the certification that day of Joe Biden’s legitimate victory in the presidential elections, he did not want to do anything. Moreover, he even said to one of his legal advisers: “mike deserves it. (The assailants) They are not doing anything wrong & rdquor ;.

The three revelations have been heard this Tuesday in the sixth public hearing held by the committee investigating the assault on the Capitol, a session that was added by surprise the day before and that has been even more explosive than anticipated. And the absolute protagonist of the session, the person who has given what for some historians is the most shocking credible testimony ever heard against a US president in Congress, has been a 25-year-old woman, Cassidy Hutchinson, what like aide to Mark Meadows, Trump’s chief of staffhad privileged access to the White House and was a direct witness to what happened there.

The ‘smoking gun’

Hutchinson’s testimony is, for some legal experts, a “smoking gun & rdquor; which should be enough for the Justice Department to decide to charge Trump with “seditious conspiracy & rdquor;. It has left other bombs, such as the revelation that in the White House the days before the assault there was talk of the presence on January 6 of organized extremist groups such as the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers.

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So far it has been, in any case, a blow devastating for the former president. Also, for close allies like Meadowsthe one who was Hutchinson’s boss, who, according to what she has revealed, was one of those who sought forgiveness presidential elections after the assault, something that the lawyer and former mayor of New York also did Rudy Giuliani. Meadows, for example, did not seem concerned when the president isolated himself on the 6th and ignored the pleas of some to urge the assailants to abandon the violence. And he remained almost impassive when Cipollone, the legal adviser, stood up in his office and rebuked him: “You have to do something or people are going to die and the blood will be on your fucking hands“.

Hutchinson has drawn the portrait of a Trump unleashed, out of control, who came to throw a plate of food against the wall when Attorney General William Barr gave an interview publicly rejecting allegations of voter fraud (something Barr had also rejected directly to the president). And his anger and his disconnect fueled the possibility that he sought to get him out of the White House by appealing to the 25th Amendment, one of the few factors that led him to agree to record a video on January 7 (in that message they convinced him not to include a mention of the potential pardon for the assailants, but he refused to talk about charging them).

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