Dogecoin and Pepe Prices Rise as New ICO Meme Coin Raises $10M Ahead of Listings

Meme coin mania has returned to the crypto market, driving up the price of popular tokens like Dogecoin (DOGE) and Pepe (PEPE) over the past day.

Amidst this hype, the project arguably generating the most buzz is Dogecoin20 (DOGE20). The project raised $10 million in its ICO ahead of the impending listings.

Dogecoin Rallies to $0.18 as Meme Coin Mania Accelerates

Dogecoin saw another wave of buying pressure, pushing the coin to prices not seen in over a week.

DOGE is currently trading at $0.18, representing a 3% gain from yesterday’s lows.

The rally extended further earlier today, with Dogecoin climbing 7% before a series of profit-taking pared those gains.

Despite the pullback, DOGE’s price action was strong enough to surpass a key technical level: the 20-day exponential moving average (EMA) on the 1-hour chart.

With dip buyers emerging to support the uptrend, Dogecoin now finds itself within reach of revisiting its recent two-year high from March 5 at around $0.208.

If investors can maintain the buying momentum, DOGE would only need 13% more to retest this level.

However, a potential bearish catalyst is that over $116 million worth of DOGE was sent from three crypto wallets to the Robinhood exchange yesterday.

This massive transfer could suggest that large investors may be looking to cash in on their recent gains.

PEPE jumps 11% in resurgent hype cycle

Dogecoin is far from the only coin enjoying bullish momentum today.

PEPE has also seen a sharp rise – currently trading around $0.0000083 after surging 11% from yesterday’s lows.

Earlier today, PEPE’s gains reached a staggering 17% before profit-taking began.

The rally almost allowed the token to break through a stubborn resistance level at $0.0000085 that has held repeatedly over the past week.

It remains to be seen whether this ceiling will ultimately be exceeded, because the PEPE fell slightly after the sharp rise in prices.

But the increased interest in the token is evident in the substantial increase in trading volumes, which increased by 59% in the last 24 hours to over $1.1 billion.

This makes PEPE the 15th most traded cryptocurrency in the world during this period.

Overall, the synchronized pumps of DOGE and PEPE show that the meme coin craze is far from over.

Dogecoin20 ICO sells for $10M ahead of April Uniswap listing

Amid the optimism surrounding established meme coins like DOGE and PEPE, one project at the heart of the frenzy is Dogecoin20.

This “Doge upgrade” generated huge buzz – and that buzz fueled huge demand for its ICO.

In a major milestone, the Dogecoin20 team announced yesterday that the ICO had officially reached its $10 million cap.

This means that all discounted DOGE20 tokens allocated to the ICO have been sold.

However, meme coin enthusiasts looking to secure DOGE20 before its open market debut have one last pre-launch opportunity.

Dogecoin20 completed a post-ICO sale today, allowing investors to purchase tokens for $0.00022 using ETH, USDT, or a credit/debit card.

Although no specific timeline has been provided for this post-ICO sales phase, investors are racing against time to secure their DOGE20 tokens before the project’s highly anticipated debut on the stock exchange on April 20.

Over 5,300 people have chosen to follow Dogecoin20 on Twitter before the token launch – and another 5,000 people are actively participating in the project’s Telegram channel.

Dogecoin20 has even started to attract attention from high-profile names on YouTube.

For example, analyst Matthew Perry, who has an audience of over 218,000 people, said he thinks DOGE20 is “better than Dogecoin.”

With hype now building from all angles, Dogecoin20 looks set to make a splash when it finally hits exchanges next month.

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