Do you want to rent, but the initial deposit is a problem? Here we meet what you can do

Rentar it is an important step that can help if it is independent thinking; without embarrassment, to the requisites that the owner pays, as the initial deposit equivalent to three months of lease, you can have a problem with your bolsillo.

In this context, the Nowo platform was operated, which is a herramienta respaldada por Grupo Financiero Aserta, which offers one warranty for the payment of the rents and services, in addition to guaranteeing the owner of the furniture, thanks to his risk model, that the tenant will be satisfied to avoid the payment of the initial deposit.

“Nowo is a warranty for the payment of interest and derivative services of the real estate lease agreements, it is guaranteed to constitute a guarantee of security and that security will be paid between 5,000 and 100,000 monthly pesos ”, explained Gerardo Loenz at a press conference , director general of Aseguradora Aserta y Aseguradora Insurgentes.

Agreed with Lozano, the herramine constitutes three covers:

  • Income tax. If an inquilino can pay the rent, Nowo the liquid. “Es decir, nosotros pagamos si el inquilino no paga”, acotó Lozano.
  • Coverage of services and maintenance. If the payment of maintenance services precedes the payment of the balance, there is a limit of up to 5,000 monthly pesos.
  • Support in case of sale. If the landlord has to incur the sale of the property, he owns the property with a cover of up to 50,000 pesos or in three months’ rent, which results in a loss.

In Mexico, there are 5.8 million live on rent, of the figures 54% of them have a vigilante contract, following the Vivienda National Survey. In agreement with Lozano, it is important to note that Nowo’s functionalities are only valid in lease relationships that are contracted with a contract and as the brand marks them.

Lozano explained that, for a long time now, the platform has been robust and has achieved at least 13 important changes in its functionality to guarantee a good service. Now, with a turnover of around 1,200 million pounds, it is possible to potentialize its sole model in Mexico, also in Spain.

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