Distributor of fuels Lexoil announces its expansion to Toluca, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro

In Mexico there are more than 50 million vehicles, of which 22% correspond to heavy vehicles (cargo, transport and individuals), most of these continue to load fuel at service stations, losing sight of the quality of the fuel they purchase, assured the Mexican fuel distributor Lexoil, which will start operations in Toluca, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro with the aim of expanding its offer based on quality within the country.

The Mexican company Nexoil It has more than a decade of experience in the national market, it sells and imports gasoline and diesel mainly from the United States to Mexico. Its products go through an analysis process in order to offer the customer high performance and low emissions, explained company executives.

For its distribution, the company complies with each of the requirements stated by the authority, offering fair prices to consumers and strict quality control.

Carlos Pazarán, CEO of Nexoil, mentioned that Mexico has many opportunities for growth in hydrocarbons, proof of this is that the company continues to invest in order to reach every corner of Mexico: “Despite the pandemic, we have grown. We had to face a new style of work, but that did not prevent us from doubling the workforce in 2021 “indicated the general director of Nexoil.

Within its projections for 2022, Nexoil announced the expansion of its services to Toluca, San Luis Potosí and Querétaro, as well as the strengthening and joint work of commercial strategies with Pemex, the Ministry of Energy and importers.

Pazarán indicated that they work hand in hand with the federal government on the issue of permits, that, although changes are seen in the middle of the administration, it is expected that the resolutions will be given soon, this coupled with the gradual reactivation of the market due to the health crisis due to Covid-19.

“Like any other Mexican company, we work hand in hand with the government to strengthen the economy, opening more sources of employment and fully complying with each of the requirements for our participation in the market,” said the CEO of Nexoil.

Lexoil is a Mexican company that began operations in 2006 and is dedicated to supplying large-scale fuel orders starting at 10,000 liters in Mexico City, the metropolitan area and surrounding towns. The distinctive of its operations can be seen in the service stations that it supplies in this region.

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