Didier Maïsto, former boss of Sud Radio, launches his WebTV

He could have become a columnist on a news channel, where he would have shot his arrows against the government and the media among other protest professionals. But Didier Maïsto, former boss of Fiducial Médias, the owner of the monthly Lyon Capital and Sud Radio, ensures not to support ” the buzz “. He who claims not to have “Never been pissed off, never having received a phone call from an advertiser or a shareholder” in the performance of his duties as media boss, but paradoxically never ceases to shout “State propaganda” and the “Consanguineous media system”, wanted to “To free oneself from all tutelage”. Monday, September 27, the one who presented “Forgotten France” not long ago on the pro-Poutine channel RT France will launch his own television channel on the Net, Place des audacieux.

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Since joining the “yellow vests” movement in 2018, this fifty-something seems to have found meaning in his life. “I had two paths in front of me, he explains. Either I stayed in a form of comfort, and I felt like I was betraying myself, or I seized the opportunity of this new adventure. “ The ambition he assigns to his chain smells good demagogic opportunism: “The idea is to make people free, to free them from thinking for themselves”, he describes from the offices he occupies in the company of his two partners, Thomas Binet and Paul-André Pelloux, respectively managing director and president of the Pelloux real estate group.

Anti-system diatribes

Mr. Binet presented in recent months a weekly program on Sud Radio, “Dare to invest”, where representatives of the sector (including clients of the Pelloux group) were talking about investment and real estate. Likely to be sponsored (the economic model chosen by Place des audacieux), it is part of the programs planned for this fall – with a program on mobility presented by the ex-rally driver Bernard Darniche, an interview with “people daring” by the former animator of Europe 1 Helena Morna, a meeting on disability, etc.

Above all, Karl Zéro is expected at the presentation of “J’accuse”, a monthly entertainment inspired by the late “Le Tribunal des flagrante delires”. Journalist Aude Lancelin, founder of WebTV QG Le media libre, will host a monthly debate entitled “Combats” and participate in a weekly editorial club, “Des Hauts et Debates”. She will rub shoulders with Jean-Sébastien Ferjou, co-founder of Atlantico, Alexis Poulin, columnist on RT France, or Arnaud Benedetti, editor-in-chief of the Political and parliamentary review.

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From Monday to Friday, at 7:30 pm, “Radio Maïsto” should have the allure of its direct Facebook, network on which its account has nearly 44,000 subscribers. On Twitter, where he is followed by more than 42,000 people, he keeps the flame alive with his audience fond of his anti-system rants several times a day. “As some have no arguments, they label me: conspiratorial, extremist, antivax…, he wrote there, Tuesday September 7th. The trouble is, I am none of those things. Just someone free and rational who says what he thinks without trying to please. “ Except, perhaps, to those who think the truth is elsewhere.


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