Díaz Ayuso calls for the resignation of Marlaska: “The Government takes citizens for idiots”

The president of the Community of Madrid, Isabel Diaz Ayuso, has charged the ink against the Government and against the Minister of the Interior, Fernando Grande-MarlaskaAfter the resolution of the Malasaña mystery: the homophobic aggression of the eight hooded men last Sunday against a 20-year-old gay boy did not happen. However, the simple complaint gave for an emergency call against homophobia and for three days of a political and media circus of the neither Marlaska it remained on the sidelines.

Because the Interior Minister slipped that PP and Vox they play “to the limit” with their statements, and suggested that they bear part of the responsibility for hate crimes. Not even after revealing the underlying truth, that there was no beating and everything was a cover to hide an infidelity, did he recant his words. So the indicated have demanded their resignation appealing to the responsibility, and Marlaska has preferred not to do so: “The only responsibility I assume is to work and continue working hard.”

The criticisms, in any case, continue. Díaz Ayuso, after the meeting with his La Mancha counterpart (the socialist Emilio García-Page), has joined the voices demanding his resignation and has harshly criticized the electoral use of such a sensitive issue. “Yes it is not due to the actions of the National Police, which the Ministry itself tries to question, we would not even know the truth of these facts, “he lamented.” It surprises me is that the citizens are called to the demonstrations to the streets for some facts that are a lie. The Government of Spain takes the citizens for imbeciles “.

Likewise, Ayuso has defended his commitment to gays, lesbians and transsexuals so that they “do not allow themselves to be collectivized” and “continue to choose Madrid as the place of openness and respect that it is today”: “I am not going to allow associations or groups or laws to unjust promote more divisions by gender or identity, of course in my community. ” And he added: “I call on citizens to be alert. When the left is losing power, when the left is seeing the end at the polls, when they are seeing how the polls are taking place, they return to the streets.”

On the other hand, the president of Madrid has taken breast of the good economic results of the region, which it has grown by 31.7% compared to the data of the previous year. The figure is particularly positive when compared to the national average (the difference goes to twelve points), and testifies that “Madrid is once again boosting growth in Spain”.

According to the president, for the policies they put in place “in the most difficult moments of the pandemic.” A model of liberal inspiration explained by its Minister of Economy, Javier Fernández-Lasquetty, in this newspaper, and that Ayuso summarizes in “low taxes, economic freedom and a fight against the pandemic with creative measures and without stopping the economy.”


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