The Department of Culture of the Generalitat, the Institution of the Catalan Letters and the aunties of Reus and Sant Cugat announced that this 2022 will be the year of Gabriel Ferrater (Reus, 1922 – Sant Cugat 1972), the poet, art critic, translator, linguist and lecturer referring to the Catalan posguerra. This is the same year coincides with the centenary of his death and the 50th anniversary of his death by suicide.

“It is evident in its importance in its various camps. It is an author of primary order”, explains the director of the Institute of Catalan Literature, Izaskun Arretxe. Respectfully, the servant of Alcaldía de Sant Cugat, Esther Madrona, added: “Es el referente of an intellectual, cultural and human movement“.

The commissar of the commemoration, Jordi Cornudella, stated that he was surprised by the number of initiatives in honor of the impetus given by various associations. The panorama is “diverse and dispersed” when empezaron to work in the year Gabriel Ferrater. Because they will simply be “the highs and lows” of these initiatives. “Our intention is to provide a space and a goal to conjure up all the activities that have already taken place in all of Catalonia,” the commissioner said.

También also has the proposal to “find new readers”as related Arretxe, and proportions “activities that allow to haul the work of Ferrater now and during many years”, according to the Minister of Education, Culture and Politics Linguistics of Reunion Ayuntamiento de Daniel, Daniel Recasens.

As he specially prepared for the organizers his inaugural act of the year in Reus on the 22nd of February, the final act of recapitulation in Sant Cugat on the 22nd of November and an act of diffusion of his work to celebrate the World Day of the Poetry (March 21).

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From the Ayuntamiento de Sant Cugat, he worked hard to preserve the memory of the poet. The central library of the people lives up to its number, producing video capsules and video poems and promueven reading clubs and poetic spaces with the Gabriel Ferrater Association, donde tienen el apadrinamiento de un poema. Cornudella explains that this program consists of commenting on one of Ferrater’s poems that is found on the association’s web page.

También is centered in schools, institutes and libraries: “We are recruiting documentary material and a file of work and making an audiovisual montage”. Additionally, there are various editorial and preparatory editions and new translations, such as the translation into the “Les dones i els dies” galley, his most important book.

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