Denialist allegations and without masks in two concerts of La Polla Records: there may be a sanction

The Basque Government inspectors who attended the concerts of La Polla Records in Vitoria they found a “clear breach” of the anticovid regulations, since among the attendees there was a “total absence of the use of masks”, which can lead to penalties for the promoter, Last Tour.

The farewell tour of the group from Alava, after more than 40 years on stage, included two appointments in Vitoria – last Friday and Saturday – before playing at the Velodrome of Anoeta de San Sebastián the next day 29 and in the Wizink Center de Madrid on the 30th, in a great concert in which Reincidentes, Porretas and Rat-Zinger will also play.

At the concert last Friday, the group interrupted their performance to leave the stage for two representatives of the platform Life -contrary to covid passport- They read a statement stating that this health certificate is a government measure to “control” citizens.

In the images of the concert that circulate on the internet, in which it is appreciated that part of the public booed these two representatives of Bizitza, it is also evident that the vast majority of the attendees did not wear the mask.

This “clear breach” of the health regulations against covid is included in the draft of the minutes prepared by the inspectors of the Games and Shows Unit – dependent on the Security Department of the Basque Government – who attended both recitals, sources have reported. counseling.

The act will be closed in the next few days and at that time it will be transferred to the competent authority, in this case the Department of Health for having violated the sanitary regulations, which could sanction the promoter for administrative infraction.

It is still too early to know what kind of fine Last Tour could face, since you have to wait for the final certificate to specify the possible breaches in greater detail.

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Shame on the authorities

The deputy general of Álava, Ramiro González, already condemned this Tuesday “emphatically” what happened and said he felt “absolutely ashamed” for the “lack of responsibility” in the behavior of a part of the attendees and of the group itself.

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