Demolished by a cyberpredator, it warns teenagers

Demolished by a cyberpredator to whom she had sent sexually explicit photos, a teenager delivered a strong message to all the girls who could fall into the same trap and suffer the same consequences as her.

“The world is collapsing, your body no longer belongs to you, you find yourself disgusting and dirty. There will never be a way back, it rotted my adolescence, ”said one of the victims of Alexandre Bossé in a letter read to the court, Wednesday at the Montreal courthouse.

In her letter on behalf of “all the girls who have been through this, and those who hide it”, the teenager bravely recounted the consequences she suffered.

“I am not the person I should have become, it eats away at me every day”, she wrote, naming among other things the feeling of disappointment, the fear of trusting boys or even “this need to love which will surely never be fulfilled”.

Bossé, 21, was not shy about attacking teenagers aged 13 to 16 whom he contacted by Facebook, from 2018. Bossé then started the conversation to quickly send them pictures of him asking them to return the favor. He swore he was going to delete them, but, of course, he then used it to demand more, including explicit videos, threatening to “expose” them if he refused.


The teenagers therefore complied, until one of them spoke to her mother. An undercover agent posing as a teenager then managed to corner the cyberpredator, who was quickly arrested. He pleaded guilty to a host of charges, including luring, invitation to sexual contact, and production of child pornography.

He faces a sentence ranging from three and a half to four and a half years in prison, as the defense and the Crown respectively suggested on Wednesday.

Bossé, for his part, made a point of apologizing to the victims, although he blamed his difficult childhood, alcohol and bad company to justify his actions.

“I have always learned to respect women”, he even assured, claiming to feel “like an emptying” and saying he was “tanned of life in prison”.

He will know his sentence in July.

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