New York. The newspaper The New York Times admitted the veracity of a series of emails written by the son of President Joe Biden, Hunter, and that were found on his laptop just over a year ago.

The New York newspaper tried to deny the veracity of emails located on a computer that no one picked up at a repair shop in Delaware. The technician realized that the equipment belonged to Hunter Biden, so he decided to hand it over to justice.

Among the contents of the computer, justice found 103,000 text messages, 154,000 emails and more than 2,000 photographs.

The newspaper The New York Post published some of the messages during the electoral campaign in 2000 and companies such as Twitter and Facebook decided to censor the information on the grounds that it could violate hacking laws.

The company Maryman & Associates, dedicated to analyzing computer equipment and whose director worked for the FBI, said that the information on the computer was authentic.

The messages reveal Hunter Biden’s intention to circumvent justice; he uploaded photos and videos to the adult website Pornhub where he used the username: RHEast.

In one of the messages that Hunter sends to his father, he asks him to run for president with the sole purpose of cleaning up his image. Inside Hunter’s MacBook Pro, there is writing revealing “evidence of apparent criminal activity by Hunter and his associates, including drug dealing and prostitution.”

The FBI opened an investigation into Hunter Biden and his associates in 2018 for alleged money laundering.

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Burisma, stone in the shoe

Last month a judge in Wilmington, Delaware, heard testimony from a person who worked for Hunter Biden. His lawyer revealed Hunter’s financial records showing deposits from Ukraine’s energy company, Burisma. Prosecutors are investigating possible violations of tax laws by the Washington-based consulting firm Blue Star Strategies, which worked for Burisma through the brokerage of Joe Biden.

Hunter Biden was hired by Burisma when his father was in the White House as vice president.

Yesterday, Republican Senator Marco Rubio criticized the president for his “double way of measuring corruption; he ignores the acts of his son and various members of the Democratic Party, but launches accusations about acts of corruption by various foreign politicians.

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