Decathlon opens its store 13 and generates local supply

Along with increasing its presence in Mexico, Decathlon seeks to strengthen its network of local suppliers and promote ecodesign. At the moment, its stores sell about 40 products made in the country, including a basketball, racquetball balls and various sportswear.

The French firm, which emerged in 1976, arrived in Mexico 40 years later (in Querétaro) and last week it opened its store number 13, in the south of Mexico City, so it already has 1,664 stores around the world. “Since the company began, the idea of ​​creating jobs and boosting the economy in the country where we are had been had. Here we have called it Sports Passion made in Mexico. We are very close to our suppliers so that the best working conditions exist, that is why the selection processes take a while, ”said Decathlon Mexico Production leader, Quentin Sorigue.

In an interview, he recalled that in Mexico they began searching for local partners five years ago, the first was one that manufactured socks for them. However, a few months later they had to suspend the collaboration.

“It seems that the quantity of local products is not greater, but we take care of too many details to offer customers quality products. Between the first visit to a supplier and the first order, a year may go by because we want to ensure the proper development of all processes and generate long-term relationships ”, added the manager who likes to practice diving.

Another reason for having local products in all its stores is to preserve the environment, reducing the emissions generated by the transfer of its products from other countries.

Among the adjustments that the firm usually makes on the fly in its stores, in the search to improve the shopping experience is the communication that more and more its articles have the eco-design of its internal teams.

“We want those who visit us to know, for example, that there are products made with recycled materials, such as polyester, or of organic or also recycled origin, such as the cotton in our Quechua brand sleeping bags, which is totally organic”, explained the Sustainability leader in Mexico, Louise Eglantine.

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