David Muñoz uploads his menu to € 365. How much does it cost to eat in a 3-star?

  • The Diverxo chef increases the price of his longest menu by 46%, becoming the most expensive ‘triestrellado’ in Spain

The news that David muñoz raise the price of your restaurant menu Divergence (Madrid) from 250 to 365 euros, an increase of around 46%, has revolutionized the haute cuisine chicken coop in our country. The chef has argued that the increase is aimed at turning the restaurant into a sustainable business and ensuring decent economic conditions for its employees. This move makes it the most expensive restaurant in its category (three Michelin stars) from all over Spain. In what price range are the others?

We have analyzed the prices of the rest of the long menus -the one of Divergence It is, and a lot, and there is only that option- of the other 10 Michelin stars in our country and none fall below 200 euros. The most economical is Quique Dacosta on Dénia (Alicante), what does it cost 210 euros, while the one that ranks second after DiverXO is that of Martin Berasategui in his restaurant Lasarte-Oria (San Sebastian), which is located in the 290 euros. Drink pairings aside, obviously.

The truth is that David Muñoz is experiencing a particularly sweet moment: in September he was chosen as best chef in the world at the gala of The Best Chef Awards 2021 and in October it climbed from 75th to 20th place on the list 50Best, the great competitor of the Michelin Guide regarding haute cuisine. In addition to DiverXO, it keeps its bar open Streetxo, your ‘food truck’ and delivery service The Goxo and finalizes the opening of a new store in Madrid, Ravioxo.

About € 250 average price

With the rise in prices of Divergence, the average price of eating a long menu at a 3 Michelin star in our country is around 249 euros. Keep in mind that in Spain there are double-starred What Shell (Madrid) with prices in the same range, 230 euros in his case, or Atrio (Cáceres), with a menu of 195 euros.

There is no doubt that, in recent years, especially in cities like Madrid or Barcelona, ​​the price of restaurants has risen significantly. There are restaurants that open with menu formulas and without having yet achieved a star and that place prices in the orbit of 100 euros. This is the case of Since 1911, the new project of Pescaderías Coruñesas recently opened in Madrid and with menus ranging between 120 and 150 euros. It is just an example.

The menus of Paris, at more than € 400

The price of the ‘new’ Diverxo places it in a price range that looks towards the tri-star prices of other large European capitals. On Paris, the restaurant of Guy Savoy is the most exclusive with a menu of 530 euros. Others like Arpège, from the chef Alain Passard, does not lag behind with a price of 460 euros.

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What’s going on in London? Well what Core de Clare Smyth remains at a more moderate 195 pounds (about 230 euros), while others like the three stars of Alain Ducasse at The Dorchester is at 170 poundsabout 200 euros). Of course, they are significantly shorter menus than Diverxo’s.

It seems that David Muñoz has definitely chosen to look towards France and raise prices in line with our neighboring country. Just a note: reviewing papers, we have remembered that elBulli, in its last season (2010-2011) offered its menu for 250 euros, just the previous price that Diverxo had until this last price hike. A decade has passed and, if then Ferran Adrià was the benchmark in terms of avant-garde, now without a doubt David Muñoz is. From here, let each one draw their own conclusions.


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