Cristina met a Catalan retiree on a dating app and killed him after arguing over a coffee pot

Cristina and José María met on the social network Jaumo last August. Both – she Galician, he Catalan – were looking for a partner to start a new life and resorted to that app of adult dating. It was she who wrote first. Ten days after starting to talk to the young woman, the man, 53 years old and who was retired Due to a disability, he put his life in a suitcase and went to Galicia to meet her.

She, 26 years old, and with a hard history relative, went to meet him at Vigo airport and installed him in his house in cut, in the province of Ourense. Four days later, on August 23, the two argued, according to the murderer, because the man he said he was in love with her and refused to return to his city, Castelldefels, although the trigger was the buying a coffee makeraccording to research.

in person worse

Cristina confessed to the Civil Guard that when she saw in person and got to know her partner on the internet intimately, the man didn’t like him anymore. José María had serious vision and hearing problems, for which he was retired and received a pension. According to Cristina, in addition, he spent the day playing Playstation and was very possessive. Very soon, she was disillusioned, she wanted him to leave her house and she told him so several times. But, according to her version, he refused and “screamed” at her. It was then that she he put tranquilizers in the coffee. She then smothered him with a pillow and burned and chopped up his corpse..

The Civil Guard recovered months later almost the entire body of the man in different points of the woman’s farm and the surroundings. Now investigate if the young woman had help someone to get the body out of the house.

fire in august

The body “was four or five days in the house. Then I took it out and burned it outside,” she said. Later, Cristina explained, she crushed him with a shovel. It was the month of August and the neighbor of the little house next to her warned her: “as long as you don’t put out that fire, the smoke will stain the wood” of the house. Cristina listened and put the man’s remains in bags that she left on the farm, in some planters and on a nearby hill.

But, from Castelldefels, José María’s mother notified the Mossos d’Esquadra of the disappearance of his son. The woman knew that she had gone to Galicia to “see a girl”. Searches and raids were made, with helicopters and dogs, without success. The man’s mobile phone had not moved from the Cortegada area, so the civil guards saw Cristina again. Dogs specialized in tracking people barked near her house.

father’s abuse

The young woman now imprisoned has a very hard biography. Many years ago his twin sister accused his father of abusing of both when they were little and they all lived in Switzerland, where they had emigrated in search of sustenance. Cristina did not support that complaint, at least judicially.

Upon her return to Galicia, Cristina had a daughter with a man whom she later accused of mistreatment. The accusation was dismissed and custody of the girl remained in the hands of her father. Since then, Cristina had a restraining order from the man and she regularly went to the health center and psychiatric consultations.

doctor visit

Shortly before Christmas, during one of those visits to the GP, Cristina tells the doctor that a man she had met he had died in his house, that she had been very scared and had thrown it into a nearby reservoir. The doctor did not give much credence to that story, but luckily another patient of his was the mayor of Cortegada, Avelino de Francisco, who days later went to consultation. The doctor told him about it and the mayor, who had previously been the chief commissioner of the National Police in Galicia, remembered that missing Catalan and notified the Civil Guard.

The investigation was quick. Part of José María’s body was recovered. Also your game Station, hidden in a nearby farm, and his mobile phone, that the woman had thrown into the nearby reservoir. There he was recovered by divers.


The second day of the records in his farm, always dressed in pajamas and a gardener’s vest of her ex-husband, Cristina announces to the civil guards that she wants to speak and tell the truth. She then explains that when José María arrived in Galicia, they both had married life, but only for three or four days. That they went to the pool, also to eat octopus in Ribadaviabut that she soon realized that she did not like the man.

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Add that he bought a coffeepot and they argued, it seemed like a waste to her, and she repeated that she wanted him to leave her house. But he claimed to be in love with her and wanted to stay, he wouldn’t leave. The coffee pot was going to be one more object in her new life, with her. So, when she arrived home, Cristina made her a coffee and poured, she says, several nolotiles to put him to sleep Then she suffocated him with a pillow.

José María Roldán’s body was lying in Cristina’s room for several days. Then she decided to burn it. She did it at times for about seven days on the farm, next to a hórreo, on the street. Neighbors still remember the smell. The man had put his entire life in the suitcase with which he went to meet Cristina, her internet sweetheart: her health card, all her playstation games… When he left the airport in Barcelona I only had a one way ticket.

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