One of the greatest needs that exist is to invest resources with a medium and long-term focus in order to meet the financial goals we have. “We create so that people could invest their income at low risk ”, commented Juan Francisco Fernández, co-founder and CEO of crediclub.

He explained that it is the only low risk option (A + ratings with HR Ratings and A- with Fitch Ratings; HR defines a rating of “A” as low risk even in adverse scenarios) that pays rates at levels of Certificates of the Federation Treasury (Cetes) at sight and 8.25% at one year, without commissions with a minimum investment of two pesos.

The Sofipo is launching the digital portfolio Wally, where you can have access to credit and payment tools, as well as charge and save with a rate Cetes.

Through Wally, crediclub offers people their own virtual and physical Visa debit card with dynamic security code (CVV). In just 5 minutes the account is opened and your entire financial life can be managed through the digital wallet. It will also soon offer credit cards and purchases to payments without interest (Buy-now-pay-later), as they do in China”Said the manager.

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