Covid passport in Catalonia: Popcorn at the cinema, yes, frankfurts at the Camp Nou, no

  • The TSJC also endorses the possible extension of this measure to other spaces, such as theaters, cinemas or sports competitions

In the event that the covid passport spreads to theaters, cinemas, circuses or sports competitions (for now it is ruled out) more than curious situations could occur. It depends on the evolution of the pandemic and what is considered as restoration. The decree of the Generalitat endorsed by the Superior Court of Justice of Catalonia (TSJC) specifies that this measure is only applicable when this service is provided in these spaces.

Some sources point out, for example, that popcorn outlets in cinemas they would be exempt from this restriction as they are not considered restoration and, on the other hand, to go and order a frankfurter at the Camp Nou bar, the certificate would be required, although this document would not be necessary to enter the stadium.

However, these details must be specified by the Catalan Executive in the event that it is necessary due to the worsening of infections by the coronavirus. In principle, the door is open as the TSJC has given the go-ahead to these measures, along with those extended this Thursday in restaurants, gyms and nursing homes.

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Thus, the future of this measure will depend on how the epidemiological situation evolves. And everything indicates that if the indicators continue to rise, it is likely that In the next weeks the restrictions are more demanding and the covid passport is extended at concerts, music festivals, cultural events, congresses, conventions, trade fairs and major festivals.

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