Courtois and Benzema give victory to a Madrid without gasoline

  • The Lions squandered four clamorous scoring chances against Courtois

  • Alaba and Militao made incredible mistakes in the center of the rear

  • Real Madrid is 13 behind Barcelona (with one game less)

The Real Madrid opens a gap in the leadership of the League, but he does so after winning a match that he did not lose due to the finisher sterility of a Athletic that instead of clawing it gives caresses. Those of Marcelino squandered four clear chances, while the whites got oil from a goal from Benzema. Ancelotti You have to turn your plan for the season around.

Carletto he is a private trainer. He manages the wardrobe with a “soft hand”, opts for naturalness and irony to avoid controversy, and distrusts rotations because he prefers not to touch what works. That has caused Real Madrid to have an eleven that is recited by heart, except for specific nuances. Courteous it is not negotiated in goal with Militao and Alaba on the axis. TO Modric, Kroos and housemiro I don’t have to tell you anything and up Benzema and Vinicius they are untouchable. No matter rival, competition or context. The technician He keeps his eleven to gain confidence and in March he will worry about managing his fatigue. But that conditions the rhythm of the team, with a trivote that cries out for new legs with Valverde O camavinga.

Before him Athletic just put Lucas for a headdress Carvajal. And unlike the party of Sevilla, the whites subdued some timorous starting lions. At 6 minutes Benzema was neatly seized by Nunez in an auction, but neither the referee nor the WHERE they deemed it punishable. The madridistas had a spark and the ball swung with speed complicating the Marcelino.

Bad Alaba and worse Militao

But Madrid it unplugged back with three incredible glitches. At 22 minutes the error of each game of Militao, who has a disturbing habit of losing sight of the ball, is almost taken advantage of by Williams. Disgust that was repeated a minute later, with another ball at the back of the centrals that caused a ‘sing’ by Alaba which Williams again wasted. And three minutes later Raul garcia he finished only in the small area with the head, saving Courtois. Three grotesque failures by Alaba and Militao, on whom he bets Carletto leaving your central more reliable, Nacho, on the bench. However the Athletic spared his life … and football is inexorable, especially in the Bernabeu. At 40 minutes a choral play of the local attack concluded with a bad shot from Modric that Benzema he met on the way and riveted the net. Athletic forgave, Madrid scored. Soccer law.

The second part began with a notice of Locked. Presented more rennet the Athletic risking by overtaking the defense, allowing him to steal higher. And Madrid, crouched with fatigue, waited for its opportunity to close an open game. I can do it Kroos, but he lacked that his shot curled a little more. And they almost tied Dani Garcia, in an arrival from behind, and Nunez, in another glaring error of marking of the white rear. The round trip was not amusing to Ancelotti, nor to the Bernabéu. Marcelino, on the other hand, smelled blood and sharpened the equipment with the input of Nico Williams and Sancet. Carletto gave consistency to the team with Rodrygo and Valverde, before the inconsequential Asensio and Modric.

Courteous, savior

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Courtois saved the whites with another miraculous stop, at which point Ancelotti decided to shield his team with the input of camavinga and Nacho. Sancet He forgave another very clear occasion and showed why this Athletic is one of the teams with the fewest goals in the League. Four clamorous opportunities wasted on the Bernabeu, which condemned him before a Real Madrid that gives symptoms of exhaustion in the spinal cord and lack of forcefulness of his ruinous defense. Despite this, the whites are very prominent leaders, with seven points out of Real society and Athletic (one game less), eight on the Sevilla (one game less) and thirteen on him Barcelona (one game less).


REAL MADRID: Courtois (8); Lucas Vázquez (5), Alaba (3), Militao (3), Mendy (5); Kroos (5), Casemiro (3), Modric (4); Asensio (4), Benzema (7), Vinicius (5). Changes: Rodrygo (5) for Asensio (min.62), Valverde (5) for Modric (min.69), Camavinga (5) for Kroos (min.79), Nacho (5) for Lucas (min.79). Coach: Carlo Ancelotti (4)

ATHLETIC: Unai Simón (7); Lekue (5), Yeray (5), Núñez (5), Balenziaga (5); Muniain (5), Vencedor (5), Dani García (6), Zárraga (6); Williams (6), Raúl García (6). Changes: De Marcos (5) for Lekue (min.45), Nico Williams (5) for Vencedor (min.62), Berenguer (5) for Muniain (mon.68), Sancet (5) for Raúl García (min. 69), Vesga (sc) by Dani García (min.81). Coach: Marcelino Gª Toral (7)

GOAL: 1-0, Benzema (40′)

REFEREE: Díaz de Mera. Yellow card to Zarraga (30 ‘), Lekue (43’), Modric (67 ‘), Casemiro (78’), Iñaki Willimas (78 ‘)

STADIUM Santiago Bernabeu. 33,627 spectators

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