Convoy of motorcyclists: the demonstrators arrive calmly

The first members of the motorcyclist convoy reached the federal capital on Friday afternoon. These move on the outskirts of the city center while in front of the parliament, the demonstrators begin to gather at the end of the day.

As of this writing, the situation was under control.

There were more than a hundred demonstrators waving Canadian flags on Parliament Hill. In the distance, you can hear chanting ” freedom, freedom », a slogan that haunted the federal capital for more than a month last winter.

People in a crowd.

The first members of the convoy of motorcyclists and opponents of sanitary measures reached the federal capital in the afternoon of Friday.

Photo: Radio-Canada

The protesters want to send a message to the federal and provincial government that they are fed up with health measures. They also call for freedom of choice regarding vaccination.

One of the demonstrators met on the spot explained that she had come to the rally since she supported the group’s opinion.

I do not support violence, but I believe these protests will be peaceful. »

A quote from One of the protesters on Parliament Hill

I still cannot leave the country because of these measures [sanitaires]adds another participant in the demonstration. I’ve been all over the world on a motorcycle and now I’m stuck because of these insane measures.

To ensure the smooth running of this rally, a major police deployment was prepared during the week. In fact, officers from the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) are already on site. They surpass the current number of protesters.

Tickets and towing

On Twitter, authorities said they had already towed vehicles. Since 7 a.m. [vendredi matin]officers issued 185 fines and had 20 vehicles towed from the no-parking zones in place for the motorcycle event this weekendcan we read on the social media.

Members of political organizations also took advantage of the occasion to make people wait. This is particularly the case of Daniel Brisson, Quebec lieutenant of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC), who went to Parliament Hill to denounce the health measures.

A man allows himself to be photographed in a crowd.

Daniel Brisson, opponent of health measures and Quebec lieutenant of the People’s Party of Canada (PPC).

Photo: David Fraser

In Ottawa, there are still the health restrictions that are there. We deprive the freedom of people to travel by plane, train or boat based on what? There is no science that currently supports this. It’s political. Yes, these are loss of freedomsaccording to him.

Counter-demonstration in Ottawa

A counter-demonstration was also organized by the group Solidarité communautaire Ottawa at Strathcona Park about two kilometers east of the parliament building. A hundred people are present, sign in hand. We wish to advise the convoy of motorcyclists that it is not welcome.

The co-organizer wished to move away from Parliament Hill to avoid confrontation. We’re here like ordinary people who’ve been through it all in the pastmentions Chantal Sundaram. We want to indicate to the convoy that they are not welcome.

A woman lets herself be photographed, outside.

Chantal Sundaram, the co-organizer of the protest movement against the motorcycle convoy demonstration in Ottawa.

Photo: Charles Lalande

Brian Latour, co-organizer and member of the group Solidarité communautaire Ottawa adds that the hatred and political extreme right behind this new convoy have no place in the community.

On the spot, veterans said they were uncomfortable seeing certain former colleagues joining movements like the convoy of motorcyclists who are demonstrating against health measures.

More events are planned for this weekend.

A new downside for traders and restaurateurs

Merchants and residents of the city center say they are on the alert. This is a situation that will jeopardize the economy for the whole weekend.launches the owner of the Moulin de Provence, Claude Bonnet.

We have a general disgust, all the same, it must be said. »

A quote from Claude Bonnet, owner of the Moulin de Provence

Another Ottawa restaurateur says she received 50% cancellation in connection with the event. Its customers fear the issues of access to the city center and parking.

Dominique Dufour, chef and owner of the restaurant Gray Jay says she will close the doors of her restaurant if the situation comes to compromise the safety of her employees.

“We hope that the people who will show up in Ottawa understand that it has been difficult months for traders in the federal capital”, she allows herself to wish. We hope there will be respect.

A ceremony is scheduled for Saturday in front of the war memorial. According to forecasts, 500 to 1000 motorcyclists are expected.

With information from Charles Lalande and Frederic Pepin

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