A broad spectrum of vitamins and nutrients is essential for good mental health.

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Imagine, if you want, a wonderful treatment that can help you overcome anxiety, fight depression, reduce ADHD and stress.

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“What a blessing that would be,” says Bonnie J. Kaplan, research psychologist and co-author of The Better Brain. “There is a paradigm-shifting approach to treating mental disorders with food and nutrients,” he said.

For Kaplan, that approach is broad-spectrum, an approach that was contrary to the magical medicine approach. “When we learned about nutrition, it was a nutrient, a disorder,” she says. “That is not the way the brain works. Your brain needs all 30 micronutrients, a mix of vitamins and minerals. “

At the turn of the century, his research was met with skepticism and outright rejection.

“Health Canada closed my investigation,” says Kaplan. “The CEO of Health Canada told me to stop my clinical trial and return all patients to their psychiatrist and return their medication.”

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Naturally, no one would fund his research, they told him, because “vitamins and minerals are of trivial importance for mental health.” Then, in 2009, he led a team of 12 scientists to determine the relationships between maternal nutrients before, during, and after gestation on maternal mood, childbirth outcome, and infant neurodevelopment.

In 2013, he became a founding member of the International Society for Research in Nutritional Psychiatry, an organization that emphasizes the importance of “above the neck” nutrition.

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In 2019, he received $ 250,000 from the Dr. Rogers Award for Excellence in Complementary and Alternative Medicine, money that he has added to the more than $ 750,000 he has pledged to fund research through two charitable funds, one in Canada and the other. in the U.S. .

I invited Kaplan to join a conversation that matters about the broad-spectrum approach to a better, healthy brain.

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