Contagions continue to skyrocket in Catalonia

The sixth wave of coronavirus It continues to grow unstoppably in Catalonia, where the outpatient clinics treated almost 12,000 patients with covid yesterday, one of the highest figures in recent weeks, and, although the risk of regrowth is already approaching the peak of the fourth wave, the severity of the sick and the occupation of the ucis is much less due to the efficacy of the vaccination, of which third doses are already being inoculated. In this context, however, there is growing concern about the new omicron variant, with a very high risk of spread, which has led the WHO to urge countries to double down on their efforts to vaccinate high-priority groups. For its part, Health has recommended limit the number of participants in “public and social events”, especially during the celebrations of the Christmas holidays.

According to incidence data updated this Wednesday by SalutDespite the fact that the severity is nowhere near that of months ago, hospitals have more patients every day. Salut has notified 682 people admitted this Wednesday (yesterday there were 660), of which 145 are in ucis (four more). These are figures similar to those of the end of September. In terms of infections, they are very high: 2,531 new ones have been detected in the last hours.

The official number of deaths from covid since the beginning of the epidemic amounts to 24,133, twelve of them notified in the last 24 hours.

Other indicators continue to rise, such as the risk of regrowth (EPG), an index that measures the growth potential of the epidemic. It is already located at 335 points, 10 more than yesterday, so it is double that of two weeks ago. The speed of spread of the virus (Rt) in Catalonia is 1.35 today, one hundredth more than yesterday, that is, that every 100 infected infect an average of 135 people.

Indicators rise

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The cumulative incidence of cases confirmed by PCR or antigen test at 7 days per 100,000 inhabitants (IA7) is 148.8 cases, while the accumulated incidence at 14 days (IA14) stands at 252 cases. Both indicators are up one more day.

The positivity -the percentage of CRP and TA with a positive result- is 6.15, sustained growth For weeks, it has been moving away from the maximum percentage established by the World Health Organization (WHO) to consider an epidemic under control, which is 5%.

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