Construction work at the Ford plant in Bécancour pauses | Partners weighed down by financial challenges

Ford and its partners, who are slowing down a flagship project in the battery sector in Bécancour, are each facing significant financial challenges, noted The Press. This billionaire construction site is in neutral while several floors have emerged from the ground.

What there is to know

The cathode factory project of Ford and two South Korean partners is on hold in Bécancour.

This turnaround is attributed to technological issues, according to what the promoters told the Legault government.

However, they each face significant financial challenges, noted The Press.

A quarterly loss of US 1.3 billion in the electric segment at Ford, plummeting sales at EcoPro BM and several quarters in red ink at SK On: the electric shift of these three multinationals is costly.

The Press revealed, on April 30, that the American automobile giant and its two South Korean partners were slowing down the construction of their Quebec cathode factory – the positive pole of a lithium-ion battery. According to the Legault government, the promoters attribute this decision to an analysis of “the best technological option” to deploy in Bécancour1.

A week after this slowdown, several questions remain unanswered. The three companies did not provide any details, particularly on the technological issue. The National public relations firm, which represents EcoPro, limited itself to transmitting a “joint declaration of partners”.

“The construction of the cathode factory in Bécancour continues,” we can read. The three joint venture partners are actively engaged in discussions aimed at optimizing operations. »

At the passage of The Press on the site last Friday, work was nevertheless stopped. On Monday, it was not possible to know who was taking over from AtkinsRéalis (formerly known as SNC-Lavalin) as project manager of the site and to have an idea of ​​the sums injected so far. present in construction.


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