Confluent and solvents, by Javier Aroca

The recent experience to the left of the PSOE indicates that they make the rubber. Sometimes they are stretched, other times they are shortened. It works like a chronic curse.

How not to remember Josep Tarradellas, when he released his socialist ‘councilor’ Josep Maria Triginer, who had put an organic crisis in Madrid to excuse his absence: “Socialism in Madrid has been in crisis since 1931 & rdquor ;. That Madrid socialism continues like this, it’s obvious, it seems contagious, too. The capital virus affected the new emerging left formation after 15-M and spread throughout the state.

But UP, with its crises, you have to recognize its capacity for resistance. After dissolving processes headed by distinguished names of its original leaders, it has been able to maintain itself and even reach the Government, forming a progressive coalition, first of democracy.

Indeed, after a euphoric start, the young left has been able to resist its dissolution, process spurred by bipartisanship and self-serving mediocracy; now, like rubber, it is preparing for a confluent moment.

Yolanda Díaz, second vice president, minister and candidate ‘in pectore’ to the presidency of the Government. The confluence of the left – it is often added, and independent relevant people – is an always pending task that fuels not only resistance to its natural tendency to dissolve, but also the ambition to constitute a true benchmark of the power of change beyond orthopedic majorities.

It will never be an easy task collide with an opposing organic culture but, in addition, with the opposition, clearly or in a sly way, from the traditional left and right, shouting “the radicals are coming & rdquor; and “long live moderation & rdquor ;. And I think that this left heir to 15-M, still immature and sometimes naively youthful, it is the most moderate of those who have had virtuality, at least since the times of the Republic.

Yolanda Díaz, prestigious by his dialogue and useful role at the head of the Ministry of Labor, heads that purpose. You will not be short of obstacles. As former socialist or right-wing leaders have claimed, Díaz is dangerous because he knows how. They have failed to add, read, as power has always feared from the needy. But the truth is that what they fear most is their critical and dialectical capacity to confront gently but firmly, reaching the positive assessment of supporters and detractors.

The public act of Valencia has set off the alarms, a legion of agents, with great experience gained against former president Pablo Iglesias, They are preparing for their patriotic crusade.

Diaz meeting in Valencia a very significant and significant women of the female presence in power and its surroundings, aware of its essential presence to achieve what it considers change. Real power, in governments, assemblies or city councils. With another relevant common denominator, his active opposition, with many ovaries, to fascism and the right-wing revolution.

There could have been others, but it was not necessary. For Diaz’s idea, they are. I mean Ione Belarra or Irene Montero. The classical left has reacted with disdain, the right aggressively. Coven, gathering of witches, It is the least they have expressed in public.

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And in this Tezanos and his CIS appeared as if it were a tuned orchestra. Yolanda Díaz is the most valued policy and UP rises as it did not in dissolving times. The CIS also says that Isabel Díaz Ayuso is presidential, The only thing missing is a conclave of the right wing with views, with Díaz Ayuso, Cuca Gamarra, Cayetana Álvarez de Toledo and Macarena Olano. You can decide and choose.

Confluent times are looming on the left, not only as an aspiration but also as a necessity. Yolanda Díaz will have a difficult time, it is an idea little loved on her right, on her left she will have to face egos, many of them male, but also her own. United We Can is not worried. Neither did Pedro Sánchez; It shouldn’t be, it suits him too.

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