Conflict in the CIDE

At this point in the six-year term, the general director of Conacyt, Álvarez Buylla, has already earned the fame of “looking for bullae” and “pica lawsuits.”

The conflict has broken out in the educational institution known by its acronym CIDE (Center for Economic Research and Teaching). The reason is that the general director of Conacyt (National Council of Science and Technology), María Elena Álvarez Buylla, wants to impose José Antonio Romero Tellaeche at the head of the CIDE, with a bureaucratic shoehorn. But to force not even the shoes enter, and that conflict has been detonated that threatens to worsen.

It is not strictly a strike, because it is not causes of the labor order that have given rise to the confrontation, nor have it been the employees and workers who have led the protest. The promoters of the movement are mainly the students of the campus. Álvarez Buylla argues that the appointment has been made in accordance with regulations. For their part, Protestant students strongly deny that this is the case. It is clear that once the conflict has broken out, these legalistic allegations will have little relevance. Going forward, the solution to the conflict will only depend on the respective strength of the parties in conflict.

At this point in the six-year term, the general director, Álvarez Buylla, has earned the fame of “looking for bullets” and “biting lawsuits.” As an example, the unresolved criminal accusation against several officials of the National Council of Science and Technology in the past. Clearly they have not been able to prove the charges. But the case has political implications, because the social segment of professional academics and full-time scholarship students had shown a majority sympathy for the Morena party cause. Thus, for outside observers, the onslaught has taken on a symbolic form of betrayal.

And of course, any conflict of a political and social nature always has negative repercussions on the economy. This is the case of the “externalities” already mentioned in this space. Conflicts with confrontation adversely affect the propensity of people to save and companies to invest. And in serious cases, they even uncover capital leaks.

But in this scenario, Álvarez Buylla has decided to kick the manger and nobody knows what will be the outcome of the controversy that has been detonated in the CIDE. Clearly, this conflict can be exacerbated if student groups from other schools demonstrate in support of the rebellious students. Waters, because that is how the student movement of 1968 came to be!

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