Condusef will continue to attend to claims from Citibanamex users

After the announcement of the sale of Banamex by the US group Citigroup, the National Commission for the Protection and Defense of Users of Financial Services (Condusef), reported that users of this bank can continue to carry out their transactions and operations as normal.

“The Condusef will continue to attend to the claims that the users have with the bank,” he explained.

In a statement, he stressed that it is important that the bank’s clients and users know that the sales process does not imply doing it in a fragmented manner. “It is a brand that is worth a lot, it has almost 22 million clients and, due to its size, it is considered an institution of systemic importance.”

In this sense, he specified that the sale operation will be, as they say, a “business in progress”, operating, doing business, improving and serving people as it has always done, and therefore its customers should not worry. .

Low Complaint Rate

In fact, the Condusef mentioned that, as of the third quarter of 2021, Citibanamex was the bank that reported the highest level of resolution in favor of the user, and registered a low rate of claims, in addition to the fact that the time it takes to attend to a complaint is also one of the more reduced.

He stressed that, based on its powers, the Condusef will also pay close attention in the coming months, monitoring that the operation and offering of its financial products or services remain with the same quality as up to now.

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