The River Valley Alliance (RVA) held its spring trail cleanup Saturday to help get garbage off the trails.

Around 20 volunteers were equipped with cleanup kits from the RVA and hit the trails for a few hours in Edmonton.

“We did see the city out in full force cleaning up picnic sites but they can’t get to everything and there’s only so many resources that they can put forward so to bring out the community to do some cleaning is a good thing,” he said Graham Taylor with the RVA.

“We all use the trails, whether we think so or not… so if you’re out enjoying it, may as well do your part and clean it up a bit.”

The volunteers came across a lot of masks, recyclables and wrappers, added Taylor.

The RVA is a non-profit run by six municipalities that border the North Saskatchewan River in the capital region. Their goal is to preserve and enhance the river valley so everyone can enjoy it for years to come.

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