Derived from the fact that Asian countries seek to invest in the different manufacturing regions of the country, the Comarca Lagunera is emerging as the new industrial jewel of the north, since the flows of eastern capital could increase due to the resources and infrastructure it has, projected the firm Newmark.

“We see a large flow of investment from China, Taiwan, Singapore and Korea that are arriving in Mexico derived from these changes in the regional content of T-MEC products, so the Comarca Lagunera is emerging as the area to which strong investment flows”, explained the executive director of Global Corporate Services of Newmark, Samuel Campos, during the First North Real Estate Forum The Power to Build the Future of Mexico of the Canadevi Comarca Lagunera delegation.

The manager specified that unlike other neighboring states, the region made up of Coahuila and Durango has different opportunities for future growth, where the attractions of water, connectivity, the population factor and the business lines of the companies that currently operate stand out.

“Human talent, industrial infrastructure, a proactive government that supports and motivates the company, labor peace, logistics to the United States, class A industrial parks, as well as electricity, water, drainage, fiber optics, roads designed for heavy traffic and safety” , he claimed.

As an example, he highlighted that currently in the region there is a population bonus of 500,000 subjects between 0 and 19 years of age and that in the coming years they will be a guarantee of talent for companies, since they will be able to develop technical skills and highly specialized the exact sciences.

Among the sectors that could provide greater business opportunities in La Laguna, those dedicated to parts for engines, auto parts, medical devices, parts for electrical circuits, axles and bearings, plastic articles, air pumps, transmissions, among others, stand out.

In 2021, La Laguna produced automotive parts and accessories for 597 million dollars, as well as electrical wires and cables for 456 million, as well as convertible or non-bed seats for 345 million.

In addition to sets of jackets, blazers and pants for men and children for 260 million dollars, zinc ores and their concentrates for 284 million.

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