Collapsed sea wall forces closure of beach in West Hawk Lake

Those looking to spend time by the water during the scorching hot weather in Manitoba this weekend will not be able to do so at the main public beach in West Hawk Lake.

According to a spokesperson from the provincial government, last month, rising floodwaters at West Hawk Lake caused the Crescent Beach sea wall, which is adjacent to the public beach in the town site, to become unstable and lean into the lake.

Due to this hazard, staff with the Whiteshell Provincial Park then barricaded and closed of the West Hawk Lake Beach and sea wall.

The Manitoba government said it made a number of efforts to inform residents of the situation, including:

  • Continuously updating the Whiteshell Cottagers Association about the issue;
  • Conservation officers going door to door to inform area residents;
  • Posting about the issue on the Manitoba Parks website;
  • Meeting with a concerned business owner to provide information on the closure; and
  • Contacting the chair of the South Whiteshell Chamber of Commerce to provide an update to local businesses.

The province said its updates to these groups are ongoing as more information becomes available.

An engineer is also in the process of assessing the sea wall damage to determine the required repairs.

The province noted that as of June 16 the water remains high on West Hawk Lake.

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