Colau would win the elections today being the fifth highest valued leader

Advance Gift of Kings for Barcelona in Common. According to him municipal barometer presented this Monday, the ‘commons’ would win the elections with a unusual slack in the last times. The survey draws a voting intention never seen since 2006, with the first game more than four points behind the second, Left handedIn this case, a formation that was leading the July barometer. ERC goes from 13.8% to 10.2%, while BEC it rose from 12.3% to 14.8% and the PSC dropped two percentage points by falling from 9.6% to 7.4%. For offset the euphoria, and in one of those little understandable twists, the mayoress suspends valuation with a note of 4.2 and obtaining a discreet fifth place.

The unsafety continues to lead the list of main concerns of society and assessment of municipal management sinks like never before in the last two terms, with almost half of the interviews valuing the current work as ‘very bad’ or ‘bad’ municipal government. It is the worst grade since Colau took office in May 2015.

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