Cohort fired after Loughborough public school student tested positive for COVID-19

KFL & A Public Health has been notified that a Loughborough Public School student has tested positive for COVID-19. A class cohort and a bus cohort left early and are following public health protocols. The school remains open at this time to all other students and staff.

In order to maintain privacy, the board will not identify individuals who have received positive tests for COVID-19.

Affected members of the school community have been notified. At this time, the school remains open.

KFL & A Public Health and the school are taking all necessary steps to prevent further spread of the virus both at school and in the community.

KFL & A Public Health is working with the school to identify groups of students and staff that may be at risk for COVID-19 from this exposure. Not all students will be affected by this situation.

Families should carefully review this KFL and a public health letter to the LPS school community.

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