Coahuila shows high levels of investment attraction: Riquelme Solís

During the company’s start-up ceremony NYX, the governor, Miguel Ángel Riquelme Solís, reported that during his mandate 147 investment projects have been completed, with an amount that exceeds 8.324 million dollars, which represents a record in state public administrations.

“This company (NYX) comes to consolidate the supply chain of our Automotive Cluster, which even in the face of adversity, retains its national leadership, “said the state president.

He recalled that in 2021, being a very complex year within the economic reactivation in the world and in the country, the arrival of 19 companies in the entity has been announced, which means two companies per month with the next announcements, a fact that It has a double recognition for those who invest, for those who are promoters and for the government itself.

The president stressed that today all the indicators of Coahuila are positive, and indicated that in matters such as labor formality, competitiveness, safety or qualified labor, the entity is among the first places at the national level.

“The conditions of security, governance and the rule of law are determining factors for Coahuila to remain one of the most attractive states for productive investment,” he said.

In that sense, Riquelme Solis added that the entity has already managed to recover all the jobs lost during the critical phase of the Covid-19 pandemic, so today it adds 30% more sources of work in the field of labor formality.

“We have recovered the path with 65,420 direct jobs, and I hope that in the next two years we will reach the goal that my administration imposed from the work plan,” he mentioned.


Miguel Riquelme informed the managers of NYX that the entity is the number one producer of transport, in export of auto parts and railroad cars; and that one in four vehicles and one in three tractors are produced in the state.

“In our territory a light automobile is produced per minute, annually in our state we produce more than 1.2 million engines, more than 207,000 trucks and more than 16,000 railroad cars a year,” he said.

“Today I reiterate the commitment of what we have to do: keep the state safe, maintain its competitiveness, the rule of law and guarantee qualified labor,” he said.

Jay Sandhu, CEO of the NYX company, recalled that seven years ago they built their first plant in Mexico, in San Luis Potosí, and that they now have clients of international stature such as GM, Tesla or Honda.

This NYX start-up was also attended by Everardo Durán Flores, mayor of Ramos Arizpe; Jaime Guerra Pérez, Secretary of State for the Economy; Nazira Zogbi Castro, Secretary of Labor; Victor Mohamar Servín, president of Davisa; Vijay Kanakamedala, NYX President; Kristo Medina, Director of Mexico Operations; Genaro de la Cruz, Arteaga Plant Manager, and Alonso Gonzalez, San Luis Potosí Plant Manager.

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