CMIC Nuevo León is open to the participation of construction entrepreneurs: Martha Herrera

Monterrey, NL. The Mexican Chamber of the Construction Industry (CMIC) New Lion has been transformed by including the participation of women in the sector, at all levels, acknowledged Martha Herrera González, local secretary of Equality and Equity.

“This Meeting of Businesswomen of CMIC, has permeated so that women participate in the industry at all levels, I love to see that a sector that I knew 28 years ago has been transformed, increasingly to include female talent “, he pointed out.

It is worth mentioning that Martha Herrera has had an active participation in the organization, since she was director of Global Social Responsibility and director of Cemex-Tec de Monterrey Center for the development of sustainable communities in Cemex.

“Hopefully with the support of all the Secretariats we can take CMIC’s itinerant training trucks to all corners of the state, congratulations Jose Francisco Guajardo(President of the organization) for the good they do to the communities, it has been an honor to work with CMIC ”, said the official.

The construction industry, he said, is one of the most important that drive the economy and the transformation of the state, for this reason he proposed to continue promoting workshops on human development for communities to make them more sustainable and resilient.

For its part, Araceli Mata, Coordinator of Women Entrepreneurs of CMIC Nuevo León, emphasized that since 2015 they have made synergies with public and private entities, such as the Ministry of Economy, the Coordinating Council of Business Women (CCME), Cemex, and the Building and Growing Association, with training in the Sierra Ventana industrial estate, in Monterrey.

With these organizations we design programs for work with value, aimed at women in a vulnerable condition, seeking to train them in trades to enhance their skills, and allow them to enter the labor market, under conditions of greater competition, or, rather, entrepreneurship to through self-employment “.

To date, 3,000 women heads of households have been trained as backhoe operators, masonry technicians, hydraulic and hydrosanitary installations, hydroelectric plants, among other topics; this represented 371,000 hours / women of training. Courses are offered free of charge, and some programs have a financial incentive for participants to spend their time training.

Training Institute

For its part, Araceli W. Ching, vice president of the CMIC Training Institute (ICIC), indicated that this institute was created in 1978, and from that date until now it has been able to teach more than 500,000 courses, with more than 28 million hours of training in 44 delegations of the country.

“We have carried out actions with businesswomen who have participated thanks to agreements, to fulfill as Socially Responsible Companies, this support consists of one in a thousand, that is, when the state contracts public works, in billing the contractors donate 1 peso for every 1,000 pesos that they receive and are destined for social works ”, he pointed out.

The other program is 2 per thousand, which operates in the same way, and the resources are returned through the training of construction workers.

Mariana Rodriguez, head of the Amar a Nuevo León office, and wife of Governor Samuel García Sepúlveda, invited the businesswomen to work as a team to build the new Nuevo León so that mobile training can reach the entire state.

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