Click tomorrow, by Mar Calpena

How many hours a week, how much effort and how many fights with the computer and how many moments of frustration does it cost our mental health to deal with the new digital bureaucracy? No, digital is not our friend, nor are automated answering machines, which are not automatic, because the only automatic they get is irritate us. The new customer service law, the bill of which was recently passed, will oblige companies with more than 250 employees to ensure that your customers are served by a person of flesh and blood and not a robotic menu full of Escherian options. But that will only be in certain services, such as telephony, while on the other hand the banks They will continue forcing us to pay to go through the window and we will continue to battle with the cryptic requirements of municipalities and institutions to collect a bill from them – they say they will validate a couple of Systems Engineering courses, if you get it the first time – or, worse, we will stay again in the bureaucratic limbo of trying to make an appointment at ‘La Meva Salut’. Do not stay with the fiasco of the covid certificate, because that is only the culmination, the icing on a huge nonsense: a service that in practice cannot be accessed if you do not have a computer or computer skills cannot call itself democratic. And that happens to many people, not a few of them greater, to which the only option is left to approach the CAP yes or yes or insist all day trying to get the phone to be picked up. And when, in addition, health professionals are so saturated with work that all nuances are lost in electronic communications, and it is impossible to ask, clarify or clarify anything with them without starting the whole process again.

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