Chronicle Girl Mom Dad: “My girl, let’s play mom and dad”

  • Chronicle: “My girl, let’s play as mom and dad”
  • Latino abuses his little stepdaughter when they are left alone
  • The soulless was a client of the little girl’s mother who is a waitress

Chronicle: “My girl, let’s play with mom and dad.” South Carolina authorities are on the trail of an individual of Honduran origin who appears to be living in Georgia after having sexually abused a girl as young as seven years old. The youngest was his stepdaughter and on several occasions she stayed with him while his mother worked.


According to court records, the abuse occurred a couple of years ago in Aiken County, but has only just come to light. Bryan Pineda Pérez is accused of ‘child molestation‘an extremely serious crime, for which he could easily spend many years behind bars.

Chronicle: “My girl, let’s play with mom and dad”: His actions were aberrant

Everything was discovered when a friend of Bryan showed the mother of the victim a video in which he saw how the innocent creature made a fellatio to the Central American. Just as you hear it, Bryan is so cruel that he even recorded himself while the girl gave him oral sex and then bragged to his relatives.

But that friend was not amused by what he did, so he showed it to the woman who, without hesitation, went to the police to report him. Unfortunately, when the police came looking for him it was too late, as Bryan managed to escape them, apparently with the help of his mother.

Chronicle: “My girl, let’s play with mom and dad”: Three years living together and she never got to know him

Chronicle girl mom dad

It was three long years that Bryan and the girl’s mother lived under the same roof as a couple and despite the fact that many things happened together, she never got to know him. “He is mentally ill and I had no idea about that,” the heartbroken woman told me yesterday.

And it is that the Honduran took advantage of every moment that he was alone with the girl to force her to please him sexually. He had not the slightest mercy for the minor, despite the fact that in the sight of other people he pretended to be an “excellent stepfather.”

Chronicle: “My girl, let’s play with mom and dad”: The little girl called him “dad”

Chronicle girl mom dad

Bryan was so affectionate with the youngest in front of others, that everyone who knew him had come to believe that he adored her as if he were her real father. Maximum when the innocent creature calls him ‘dad’. That melted even his mother with love, who never suspected anything bad between them.

What no one knew is that when Karla (fictitious name) was working and asked him to please take care of her while she arrived, he did the opposite, because he made her play “mom and dad” with him and that A lie, he led her to do all kinds of morbidities.

Chronicle: “My girl, let’s play with mom and dad”; I know they met in the restaurant

I had to take care of her
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Karla has spent years working as a waitress in a local restaurant and it was precisely there that she met Bryan. He was a frequent customer who used to tip generously. Partly because of the good care she gave him and, on the other hand, because he liked her and wanted to check her out.

One day the Mexican agreed to go out with him and from then on, little by little he won her over, until she agreed to become his partner. Tremendous mistake. He literally put the devil in his house, because just a couple of years later he pulled out his nails and began to outrage the poor girl.

Bryan ain’t no holy dove

I had to take care of her
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The Honduran confessed that he had already been deported twice from the United States and made up stories of why, which she believed him. She was so blind with love that she made no attempt to investigate further. Had he done so, he would have realized that he was a criminal.

Sadly, the one who paid the price for that mistake was his little girl. The saddest thing is that now Bryan walks in the streets like nothing. They say that he lives around here in an apartment in Norcross and who knows, if maybe he is already accompanied again and worse still, if he is abusing someone else.

Until when? … I wonder

Chronicle girl mom dad
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Whenever an incest case comes to me I try to find out as much as possible about it, thanks to which I have discovered that, in terms of the Latino community, we tend to be too trusting. Sometimes we assume that because we do not have perverted thoughts towards a child, everyone is the same and that is a mistake.

It is our obligation as parents to protect children and I do not mean just to warn them, but to literally take care of them. I have seen girls playing in the parks and showing their underwear. I think that should not be the case, because you never know what is in the minds and hearts of the people around you.

Many like to live close together

Chronicle girl mom dad

There is also the other problem. And the thing is that Hispanics are used to living in scramble. Here many families end up living for free, since the rent is paid by the multiple tenants who are granted bedrooms. You live with your grandfather, uncle, cousin, nephew, etc. And everyone pays.

That obviously generates some economic tranquility, but in exchange for what? To expose our young children… I think that it is not worth exposing our little ones to such a risk just for having a better lifestyle in terms of money.

Alert with the famous stepparents

Chronicle girl mom dad

And finally, I cannot fail to mention the case of the famous stepfathers. Women who “fall in love” over and over again knowing that they have boys at home. If so many cases of parents abusing their own children have come to light, it is obvious that the risk is higher when it comes to a complete individual.

It is true that there are noble stepfathers, it cannot be generalized, but it is typical that in the end many end up wanting to eat the “chick” more than the “chicken”, but these are the last to realize it. Thank you for reading my chronicle today in MundoHispánico. Until next time.

Drunk but honest

Chronicle house Tennessee jail
Norcross Police Department

There are people who are even capable of crying and begging not to be taken to jail, but believe it or not, there are many others who even cry out otherwise, especially those who already have several experiences behind bars, because they reach the point of losing the fear of being deprived of their freedom.

This was precisely the case of a drunk Hispanic Georgia that last week he arrived at the house where he lived who knows how long ago, he sat down in one of the chairs he found outside, he opened one of his many beer cans that he was carrying and he began to drink right at the front door as if was on your property.

Chronicle: “Take me home to Tennessee or else to jail”: Drunk, but not a liar

Chronicle house Tennessee jail
Norcross Police Department

When agents from the Norcross (Georgia) Police Department responded to an emergency call from residents of the home alerting them that there was an unknown man obstructing their entry and exit, they went to the scene immediately. First came Officer G. Spenser and then his partner, S. Wilthire.

The uniformed men approached the individual who, upon seeing them arrive, did not even flinch. Of course, he did not lie to them either, because when they asked him if he lived there, he simply kept silent, because everything you say can be used against him once the person is arrested.

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