China acknowledges problems supplying food to coronavirus-confined city of Xi “an

BEIJING – Chinese authorities admitted on Wednesday they are having trouble guaranteeing food supplies to residents of Xi “an, confined city for a week.

Those responsible admitted at a press conference on Wednesday that “the low number of workers and logistical and distribution difficulties” is causing difficulties in delivering basic supplies to the population.

The statements came after complaints on social networks from inhabitants of the city of 13 million people complaining of lack of food and asking for help.

National health authorities have instituted new measures to combat the new Covid-19 outbreak, the worst in China in recent months.

Beijing has followed a strict “Covid zero” strategy which includes restrictions on borders and localized quarantines.

The population of Xi “an is prohibited from going outside except for testing, and some claim that it is no longer even possible to buy online.

Residents complain that they are not allowed to go out even if they have run out of food at home.

“How do we live? How do we eat?” Wrote a user on Weibo, the Chinese Twitter.

These days, authorities detained at least seven people in the city for trying to bypass the quarantine, disturbing order and spreading rumors, local media said.

The city has registered more than 960 new cases since December 9. Although the increase in China is low compared to the rampant cases in Europe and the United States, Beijing wants to prevent any uncontrolled spread of the virus, especially with little more than a month left until the country receives thousands of foreign visitors for the Olympic Games. of winter.

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