Chilean economy will grow more than 11% this year after overcoming the impact of the pandemic: Sebastián Piñera

The Chilean economy It would grow more than 11% this year amid an accelerated recovery from the impact of the coronavirus pandemic, President Sebastián Piñera said Thursday.

The economic activity of the world’s largest copper producer has been favored by the high prices of the metal, but also by the aid to households launched by the government and the partial withdrawals of pension savings approved to alleviate the crisis.

“Thanks to everyone’s efforts, this year investment will grow 25%, the economy will expand, we expect over 11%, and we will recover about 1.4 of the 2 million jobs lost,” said Piñera in a meeting with businessmen.

“We have already far exceeded the levels of pre-crisis, pre-pandemic activity, an achievement that very few countries in the world can emulate,” he added.

During the presentation of the 2022 budget in September, the Minister of Finance, Rodrigo Cerda, had predicted that the Gross domestic product (GDP) would rise 9.5 percent.

Meanwhile, the Central Bank foresees an expansion between 10.5 and 11.5 percent.

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