Charles of England, the eternal aspirant to the throne of England, turns 73

The latest health ailments of Isabel II, who is 95 years old, have brought back the old debate of whether his successor, Charles of England, he will or will not one day sit on the throne; Or maybe your son will, Guillermo. Precisely this Sunday, November 14, the Prince of Wales, the heir to the British sovereign, the infinite queen, celebrates his 73rd birthday, being the eternal aspirant to the throne of England.

The Duke of Cornwall since 1952 and Prince of Wales, since 1958, is also Duke of Rothesay (official in Scotland), Earl of Carrick, Baron of Renfrew and Lord of the Islands (associated with the Duchy of Rothesay), duke of edinburgh -title he received after his father died, the prince philip, last April-, and Earl of Chester. Carries preparing to ascend the throne for decades, in fact, it is the longest-standing presumptive heir in the history of the British monarchy, He is going to turn 70 years as an applicant, having surpassed his great-great-grandfather Eduardo VII, who assumed the throne with more than 59 years of age.

Iron education

Born in the same Buckingham Palace, he was the first grandson of the kings Jorge VI and Isabel. However, at the express wish of his father, he attended the same strict schools as his father and also attended classes in Australia. After graduating with a Bachelor of Arts from Trinity College, he served in the British Royal Navy between 1971 and 1976.

After starring in several romances, in 1981, he married the young nobleman and aristocrat lady Diana Frances Spencer, mother of his two children: William of Cambridge and Henry of Sussex. A marriage in crisis practically since the courtship because Carlos was already emotionally committed to Camilla Shand, who was his lover for all the years he was with Lady Di. In 1996, she finally divorced after a publicized cheating scandal on her part. Diana lost the title of Royal Highness, but kept that of Princess of Wales. Just a year later, Diana died in a tragic accident in Paris, when she and her then partner, mogul Dodi Al Fayed, fled in desperation pursued by paparazzi. Later it was also shown that the driver who was driving them was driving drunk. In 2005 Carlos married a second time, with Camilla (ex Parker-Bowles), to whom he is still happily married today.

During all these years as heir, Carlos has worked in various social and humanitarian causes. He founded The Prince’s Trust in 1976, during a charitable event sponsored by his own foundation The Prince’s Charities. Is an iron defender of ecology and has promoted organic farming, and until recently it had and for more than three decades had its own range of products, Duchy Originals, who was born with an oatmeal cookie.

Austerity plans

Carlos, that when it is his turn to reign, he would do it as Carlos III; He also defends alternative medicine and even the criticized homeopathy.

In a documentary that recorded for the BBC on the occasion of his 70th birthday, the Prince of Wales explained his plans when he was king. Among other things, the heir pretends to live in a small apartment inside Buckingham Palace. He also assured that he intends to open real private spaces to the public, including the opening of the gates of Buckingham and Balmoral Castle, in Scotland, where the queen usually spends the summer. It is also anticipated that the Prince William and his wife, Kate Middleton, they move from their current residence, Kensington Palace, to Windsor Castle, a relocation the couple is said to be delighted to accept.

Apparently in the UK the Queen is said to be against her son’s vision of turning Buckingham Palace into a museum of sorts all year round and wants the palace to remain a kind of family home for the royalty.

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Today, Prince Charles of England and his wife divide their time between their Clarence House residence in London and Highgrove House, in the county of Gloucestershire.

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