Chaos due to the Renfe and Cercanías strike: closure of stations and breach of minimum services

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The Renfe and Cercanías strike that began this Thursday, September 30 and will last eight days until October 12, has generated a total chaos in various cities.

More than a hundred trains that had to comply with the minimum services in the Renfe machinists’ strike have not circulated in Rodalies de Catalonia and in the vicinity of Valencia this Thursday. There have also been non-compliances in Madrid, where at rush hour 75% of the agreed minimum services have not been met.

Same situation in Estremadura, where Renfe has canceled six trains that were not planned due to lack of drivers.

This is what Renfe sources tell EFE, which has not yet officially released data on the degree of monitoring of the strike called by the Spanish Union of Train Drivers and Railway Helpers (Semaf) and that the company sees “unjustified”. The organizing union has not provided data either.

In Renfe’s opinion, the absence of the drivers to operate the more than one hundred trains that have not circulated is “unjustified” and “deliberate”, which is why it is studying measures against those who “have decided not to show up for their jobs despite having a letter of minimum services.”

In Catalonia, Renfe has canceled the circulation of 81 Rodalies trains due to non-compliance with the minimum services, which has caused the closure of Sants, Terrassa Est and Mollet-Sant Fost stations by agglomerations of users.

Renfe considers that these events and their consequences are “intolerable”, so the company is studying the measures to be taken against machinists who have decided not to show up for their jobs, “despite having a minimum service charter, considering that it is a deliberate act “.

Strike: dates

The Renfe strike started this Thursday September 30th and it will be extended for seven more days in October: Friday 1, Monday 4, Tuesday 5, Thursday 7, Friday 8, Monday 11 and Tuesday 12, a national holiday throughout Spain.

Given this, the Ministry of Transport has decreed some minimum services that will be mandatory and that will vary depending on the city and timetables.

  • Surroundings: 75% in rush hour and 50% in the rest of the day.
  • Middle distance: 65% of the usual services.
  • AVE and Long Distance: 72%
  • Freight trains: 24% of the usual service.

The trains of Surroundings they will have a minimum of 75% services in peak hours and between 75 and 50% in off-peak hours. These are the rush hour schedules in Cercanías:

  • From 6:00 a 9:00
  • From 13:30 a 15:30
  • From 18:30 a 20:30

Is my train affected?

If you want to know if your train is affected by the Renfe strike you should refer to this PDF.

From page 33 the list of trains that have been canceled appears, for days.

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