Change your clock: daylight saving time begins this weekend

It’s a time some people dread, while others look forward to a little more daylight.

Daylight saving time officially resumes in Manitoba this weekend, with clocks advancing by one hour at 2 am on Sunday.

The Winnipeg Fire Paramedic Service recommends that people use the time change to also check their smoke and carbon monoxide detectors as well to ensure they’re working properly and batteries are charged.


While Daylight Saving Time begins in Manitoba this weekend, other provinces have explored changing laws to avoid the twice yearly changing on clocks.

In November 2020, Ontario passed a bill to make daylight saving time permanent all year. The bill has not been proclaimed into law, as New York and Quebec are required to pass similar bills.

British Columbia passed similar legislation in 2019, but would need California, Washington State and Oregon to pass similar bills.

The Yukon and most of Saskatchewan are on permanent standard time all year.

When asked if Manitoba would consider scrapping a time change, a provincial spokesperson said it is important to consider economic consequences and relationships to trading partners.

“We continue to monitor jurisdictions across Canada and the US, to evaluate the best possible options for Manitoba,” the spokesperson said in a statement.

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