Change the World (EP), Ringo Starr

But what is he on, this Ringo farting on fire? The happiest octogenarian since Henri Salvador, we understand, is on a mission. Peace and love ! As in 1967 with his friends in the wind, all you need is still and always love. Let’s change the planet, he intones with a small crowd of children in the title track clip, leaping happily determined bearded toddler. In the mad stride returns the teenager he was in the 1950s, left hospital on purpose to go see Blackboard Jungle and be healed for life by a big beat and a fabulous theme song: Rock Around the Clock. Hymn repeated here with his host of friends, including brother-in-law Joe Walsh. This disc of four titles – Ringo no longer has time to wait! – is a series of seized opportunities: note Linda Perry. Shall we write a ballad, dear non-blonde? Ballad there, gently country to do good. So Ringo beats time, sticks in the air. For more than 60 years, at first glance.

Change the World (EP)

★★★ 1/2


Ringo Starr, Universal

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