Chanel, about the magazine provoked by his triumph at the Benidorm Fest: “I’m an artist, not a politician”

El Benidorm Fest is embroiled in controversy over Victoria’s victory Chanel. The song and bailarina will be the closest representative of Spain in Eurovision and its triumphant provocation to a multitude of critics, some of whom are totally desmesuradas. Tras borrarse su perfil de Twitter por todo el odio adjibido injustamente, la joven ha querido detallar cómo se encuentra y cómo está viviendo la semana posterior al festival.

In the last few days he has appeared in various television programs, such as ‘Café d’idees’, by Gemma Niega, or ‘Mejor Contigo’, by Ion Aramendi. During the late March, the song quiso charlar con ‘Zapeando’, with Dani Mateo in front.

The young man explained himself at this time: “If there are a few, a few little ones,” but I’ve been aroused and all that I have received is much love from my people, from the profession and people that no one knows and I’m sent to Guay “.

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Chanel has defended his candidacy and esfuerzo: “I’m an artist and he’s been training and following training during all my life. Because he’s strong and is sorry for me as an artist “.

The newspaper has applauded the politicians, who approved it to campaign on the issue and to attack it mutually. Dani Mateo, Miki Nadal and the rest are interested in knowing what he thinks about the opportunity that he deserves: “I’m an artist, I’m not a politician, and he hecho mi trabajo lo mejor que he podido and lo voy a defender a muerte”.

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