Celebrities React to Death of ‘The Godfather’ Star James Caan

James Caan, the Oscar-nominated actor known for his roles in “The Godfather,” “Brian’s Song,” “Misery” and “Elf,” died Wednesday at the age of 82. Caan’s death drew tributes and expressions of grief from industry colleagues and fans.


“Jimmy was my fictional brother and my lifelong friend. It’s hard to believe that he will no longer be in the world because he was so alive and fearless. A great actor, a brilliant director and my dear friend. I loved him, I will miss him.” .” – Al Pacino, who starred in 1972’s “The Godfather,” in a statement.

“I am very, very sad to hear about Jimmy’s death.” – Robert De Niro, who starred in 1974’s “The Godfather: Part II,” in a statement.

“Teammates and friends all the way. RIP Jimmy.” – Billy Dee Williams, who starred with Caan in the 1971 TV football movie “Brian’s Song,” via Twitter.

“I can’t believe Jimmy is gone. Working with him on ‘Misery’ was one of the deepest experiences of my career. When you see his performance, his terror, it’s like seeing a snake. Brilliant. So many memories flood today.” … It was kind. Hilarious. I would have something insightfully funny to say right now. I’m heartbroken.” – Kathy Bates, in a statement.

“Jimmy was not only a great actor with total commitment and an entrepreneurial spirit, but he had a vitality at the core of his being that fueled everything from his art and friendship to athletics and good times.” – Michael Mann, who directed Caan in the 1981 film “Thief,” via Instagram.

“I loved him so much. I always wanted to be like him. I’m so happy I met him. I never stopped laughing when I was around that man. His movies were the best of the best.” – Adam Sandler, via Twitter.

“I’m so sorry about Jimmy. He was so talented.” – Barbra Streisand, who starred alongside Caan in the 1975 film “Funny Lady,” via Twitter.

“I was lucky, after a lifetime of loving his work, to be able to work with him and loved him even more as a person. Funny, warm, self-deprecating and effortlessly talented. They say never meet your heroes, but he proved that It was very, very bad.” – Andy Richter, who appeared with Caan in the 2003 film “Elf,” via Twitter.

“Heartbroken for his family and friends. It’s wonderful to meet him and call him a friend. Jimmy was so supportive of the Gary Sinise Foundation and my work with our veterans. He will be missed. Thank you my friend.” – Gary Sinise, via Twitter.

“He was always a fun guy to be around. He was always supportive of my career. He even made a cameo in my TV special and got Robert Duvall to be in it. A highlight of my career. God bless James Caan.” – Jon Lovitz, via Twitter.

“I will always remember him not only as a brilliant actor, but also as a man of humor and warmth who played with my 1-year-old son on set.” – Jill Hennessy, who appeared with Caan on the TV series “Las Vegas,” via Twitter.

“So sad for Jimmy Caan. He was a legend. He was always kind to me. Sending my love to his family.” – Maria Shriver, via Twitter.

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