Soccer week has brought various celebrations. It started on the lawn of La Cartuja with the explosion of joy from the Spanish team qualified for the World Cup in Qatar. The joy of the group headed by its leader and author, Luis Enrique, who along with those who appeared in that photo (and 14 other footballers who played before), won the last two games and knew how to overcome the pressure of the risk of playing the repechage, was not shared by some critical voices.

From Germany-74 the selection does not miss a World Cup. Qualifying was a must. And when an obligation is fulfilled, there is no celebration, they argued.

Will they think the same when watching the videos of Argentina? The classification of the Albicelestes came by a carom of results after their tie to zero against Brazil. Ecuador’s victory in Chile mathematically classified the Argentines, when they themselves already had to close it on the following date. The euphoria arrived in the locker room and continued on the plane back, where the Scaloni they celebrated beautifully naturally, without hiding, uploading the videos to their social networks. Could it be that being in Qatar there is more than fulfilling your obligation?

A motivational celebration?

Argentina has only missed a World Cup for not qualifying, the 1970 one. If a country has an “obligation” to go to a World Cup, due to its soccer idiosyncrasies, that is Argentina. But there it is not debated because all are of his selection. A matter of feeling and pride.

As Argentina celebrated, a 38-year-old Brazilian was returning to the place where he was happy, the Camp Nou. The thing was also festive, although it is much less understandable. A motivational celebration? Preventive?

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That Alves it could be useful to Barça is something debatable. But if Espanyol is not beaten on Saturday, or on Tuesday Benfica gave a scare … in which tab of the web would the images of Alves on her knees, in flip-flops, already all rag with Laporta?

Xavi He has work to do, and not just in the locker room. Surely he will like more to celebrate later and if there is something that justifies it

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