CDMX presents tenders for the acquisition of trolleybuses and RTP buses

With the aim of replacing the largest number of vehicle units oriented to mass public transport, the Government of Mexico City announced that for this year two international public bidding processes are being carried out focused on the acquisition of trolleybuses for the Service of Electric Transport (STE) and buses for the Passenger Transport Network (RTP).

At a press conference, the head of government, Claudia Sheinbaum Pardoexplained that the two tenders contemplate an investment of 1,450 million pesos to acquire 100 STE trolleybuses and 170 RTP buses.

“For us, the bet is on public transport (…) We are the city, perhaps in the world, that has acquired the most electric buses and trolleybuses in recent years,” he assured.

Mobility SecretaryAndres Lajous Loaeza, highlighted that the bidding criteria are the same as those used in the past; where the Technical Annex is made, the competition is opened to all the suppliers that are able to comply and the best proposal is taken.

At the same time, he deepened that part of these investments have been carried out by real estate developers, since new participation routes were generated for businessmen to carry out mitigation actions.

“Real estate development has an impact on the lives of many people and an impact on the neighborhoods, it is not only about the developers, it is not only about those who occupy those offices or those houses, but also the impact it has on the city (…) It is the first time that such an acquisition has been made, but it will not be the last because, with real estate developments, the impacts of mobility are directed towards improving mobility”, he stressed.

Tender published

This announcement is added to what was announced this Monday in the local Official Gazette, where the bidding process to buy the 100 trolleybuses for the STE was detailed.

The cost of the bases is 25,000 pesos and the deadline to acquire them is next Wednesday, May 11, the document reported.

In this regard, the director general of the STMartín López Delgado, pointed out that each unit must have 12 meters with capacity for 85 passengers, they must be Zero Emissions, universal accessibility.

Of these vehicles, he revealed that 30 electric units will be assigned to the Central Axis Corridor and 70 to renew the vehicle fleet of the Aragón depot that provides service to Lines 4, 5, 6 and 8 to have waiting intervals of 5 minutes.

“The formal tender began today (Monday), with the publication of the bases, during this month the Technical Visit, the Clarification Board will be carried out and the proposals will also be received by the participating suppliers, in such a way that on May 20 there will be the formal delivery of these proposals and on May 27 the ruling of the winning supplier will be given”, he said.

The manufacturing time of the 100 units is four months and by December they must be in service.


Sheinbaum Pardo indicated that if a cash cut is made, which implies from 2019 to 2022, it will be possible to verify that an investment of 2,266 million pesos has been made to renew the vehicle fleet of the RTP (467 units were purchased).

Meanwhile, in the same period, he announced that around 2,478 million pesos were allocated for the purchase of 293 new trolleybuses.

Lajous Loaeza highlighted that before 2019, 22 years had passed in which no trolleybus had been acquired.

The acquisitions of these new units will also be integrated for payment with the Integrated Mobility Card.


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