CBSA seizes $120,000+ in undeclared cash in Windsor-Detroit tunnel

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The Canada Border Services Agency for Southern Ontario reminds travelers of the need to declare cash amounts of $10,000 or more, following a large cash seizure in the Windsor-Detroit tunnel.

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According to the CBSA, officers recently intercepted US currency with a Canadian value of $128,696.54 as “suspected proceeds of crime.”

An image of the seizure distributed by the CBSA showed wads of US$100 bills, packaged in Chase bank envelopes.

Under Canadian law, any time you cross a national border, you must declare currency or “monetary instruments” in your possession with a total value of $10,000 CAD or more.

The rule applies to Canadian cash, foreign currency, or a combination of both.

“Monetary Instruments” refers to bank drafts, bonds, checks, traveler’s checks and more.

There are no restrictions on how much money can be transported across the border. It is not illegal to bring money into Canada or take money out of Canada, as long as the full amount is declared each time.

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