Cats to adopt for free at the SPA de Québec

The Quebec City SPA will soon be offering two days of free adoption of cats to allow him to empty his shelter and face the wave of abandonment of animals during the moving period.

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For some time now, the organization has taken in between 15 and 20 cats each day, while fewer than five are placed for adoption daily. Result, the refuge of the SPA of Quebec is completely crowded with 70 animals.

“The adoption and pre-adoption sections, which can hold 50 cats, are full. And even if we shouldn’t do that, we have about twenty others elsewhere in the shelter because we have nowhere to put them, ”explains Félix Tremblay, director general of the organization.

The latter believes that a wave of abandonments to come with the moving period will put even more pressure on the organization.

Adoption free of charge

It is for these reasons that the SPA de Québec has decided to have its cats adopted free of charge on June 28 and 29. However, adopters will be limited to one feline.

This is a first for the organization, which will celebrate its 150-year history in three years. Although adoption is free, the public is asked to make a voluntary contribution if they wish, since this decision will deprive the SPA of some $10,000.

It should also be noted that the usual adoption procedures will apply to ensure that the animal finds a loving family who will take care of it.

“We reserve the right to refuse an adoption if the criteria are not met,” says Mr. Tremblay.

Demand is fading

Furthermore, the director general of the organization notes that the enthusiasm for adoption has been declining for some time.

For example, it now takes a few days to adopt kittens that were usually gone within hours.

“What we wonder is if the adoptions that were to take place in 2022-2023-2024 took place in 2021 during the boom of the pandemic? Because if so, it could cause problems,” he fears.

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