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Simple Steps You Can Take to Improve Utah Air Quality and Protect Your Health

PROVO, Utah – Many Utahns are familiar with the winter inversion that traps cold air and pollution in the air making it hard to breathe but not as many know about the summer ozone season which can be just as dangerous on hot days. There are simple ways Utahns can improve air quality every day to make a difference. Summer Ozone Season Chris Wiltsie and his family love to ride bikes. His 4-year-old daughter enjoys the thrill of going fast down Provo Canyon. “She’s just yelling to me to go faster, right? Because she’s just loving it and the wind is just blowing past us,” he described. It’s more than just a past time for the Wiltsie family. “I’ve been able to travel throughout the state just using FrontRunner and my bicycle,” he said. For Wiltsie, it’s been his primary...
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Utah Dept. Of Agriculture: Don’t Plant Mysterious Seeds Being Sent From China

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – State officials said Utahns should not plant mysterious seeds from China that have been showing up in mailboxes across the state. Leaders from Utah’s Department of Agriculture held a news conference on Tuesday to raise awareness about the mysterious seeds, which have arrived in mislabeled envelopes saying they contain [email protected] asking residents to not plant them. Instead, turn seeds over to Utah Ag or bake them in oven at 200° for 45 minutes. Do not just throw them out. Might be noxious or invasive. pic.twitter.com/Q2XBIFyOfF — Alex Cabrero (@KSL_AlexCabrero) July 28, 2020As anyone with a green thumb will tell you, it takes commitment to make a good garden.  There’s a lot of digging, planting, and nurturing.  Ask Tina Peterson a...