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Cogeco’s Epico IPTV Service Delivers Cloud Internet, TV and PVR in One Package

Cogeco's new Epico IPTV service is already available in some areas. Epico comes in several packages that combine Cogeco's unlimited Internet offers with a set number of TV options. For example, the basic package of $ 120 per month includes unlimited internet with download speeds of up to 90 Mbps, 10 TV channels of your choice plus 25 basic channels, and an Epico 4K Cloud wireless PVR. The next step at $ 135 per month doubles the download speed to 180 Mbps, increases the TV channels to 20 of your choice (and still gets the basic channels), plus you can get up to two Epico 4K Cloud PVRs. Finally, the $ 145 options include download speeds of up to 360 Mbps, 30 channels of your choice, and up to three PVRs. The levels include a Wi-...
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LG has some amazing TVs to come out, with questionable software

LG has expanded its OLED lineup, added mini-LED arrays, and more in 2021, offering one of the strongest TV selections available. Beyond releasing better hardware, the company is also revamping its smart TV software with a new look and some cool features. WebOS 6.0 LG is updating WebOS with a home screen to be more in line with other smart TV operating systems. I'm not sure if the new design is the right move for LG, as the subtlety of WebOS was something I liked. That said, having a more traditional home screen could make LG TVs easier for more people to use. LG says this new version of WebOS will also be better at recommending content to people. With that said, it will be interesting to see what content partners the company can leverage for this. Hopefully it works well with C...
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TCL plans to go big with 85-inch 8K TVs in 2021

With the launch of CES, TCL is making its name heard in the television market with even more advanced mini-LED televisions. In 2021, TCL appears to focus on making TVs bigger and more expensive than in the past, but the company will continue to sell. 2020's highly rated 6 Series, so it should help keep some TVs within the budget range. Moving on to what's new for 2021, the biggest change this year is TCL's new OD Zero mini-LED display panels. These new panels have no gap between the LEDs and the LCD screen, which according to TCL allows for a slimmer design, but is not yet close to what OLEDs are capable of. This new design will be available on the company's 2021 Series 6 TVs. These new models are also 8K, so they cannot be confu...
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LG adds Mini-LED TV models to its 2021 lineup

It seems that LG has given up and decided to start making Mini-LED TVs. The company calls these sets 'QNED' because it is combining its 'quantum dot color' with its 'Nanocell' and Mini-LED technology to create QNED. Not to be confused with Samsung's QLED TVs. What's really important about LG moving into the Mini-LED game is that it should allow the manufacturer to produce reasonably priced TVs with OLED-like picture quality. The LG 2021 Mini-LED line will include 10 models ranging up to 86 inches. And these TVs will be available in 4K or 8K configurations. For gamers with a PS5 or Xbox Series X, these TVs will be even more appealing, as they will also offer 120Hz refresh rates. Now that the new consoles are out there and you can...
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Canadians can now watch CBC through their Roku TV

Canadians can now enjoy CBC TV through Roku streaming devices and smart TVs powered by Roku. In a statement, Roku noted that Canadian users will have access to 14 live regional television channels to watch for free. The channels will have access to popular CBC shows including Kim's convenience, The Great Canadian Baking Show and Murdoch Mysteries. Additionally, Canadians will be able to access local CBC news. The local region options are as follows: Vancouver, BC Calgary, Alberta Edmonton, Alberta Yellowknife, Northwest Territories Regina, Saskatchewan Winnipeg, Manitoba Windsor, Ontario Toronto, Ontario Ottawa, Ontario Montreal, Quebec Fredericton, New Brunswick Charlottetown, PEI Halifax, Nova Scotia St. John's, Newfoundland ...
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Samsung TVs are on sale at Best Buy and Amazon right now

To kick off Boxing Week, Samsung has listed some of its most notable TVs on Amazon and Best Buy. Amazon Amazon has two Samsung TVs for sale: the TU800 and the 75-inch Frame. The Frame is one of my favorite TVs due to its attractive picture frame-like design that aims to blend into your home décor more than a traditional TV. The Frame TV is for sale in several of its sizes. For example, the 32-inch model has been reduced to $ 598, and the big one 75-inch costs $ 2,798. The 'TU8000' is not one of Samsung's flagship TV models, but it does range from 43 inches to 85 inches, and all models are for sale. If you are looking for a decent quality TV at a reasonable price, this could be a good option. The TU800 ranges from $ 448 for the 4...
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Samsung’s 110-inch MicroLED TV is coming

As theaters take hit after hit in 2020, the industry should prepare for another: Samsung's 110-inch MicroLED TV. This massive TV basically combines all of the best display technology Samsung has to offer, including MicroLED, 4K HDR, and an incredible 99.99 percent screen-to-body ratio. MicroLED is the most exciting aspect of this TV as it brings OLED quality to LED TVs making them that much better. This means that the TV will have excellent black levels, amazing colors, and near perfect contrast. Samsung says the TV can even express 100 percent of the DCI and Adobe RGB color gamut, which is a really excellent color accuracy rating. Since the screen is so large, you can even divide it into four quadrants to view different content ...