Wednesday, November 25

rob eastman

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Utah Life Coach uses past addiction as motivation to help others

SALT LAKE CITY — Overcoming addiction can still bring a lot of pain and anguish while on the road to recovery but one Life Coach in Utah is hoping to change that. Utah native, Rob Eastman, the owner of Eastman Fitness is using his past experiences with addiction as a motivational tool to help others with their own struggles of substance abuse. Eastman, the son of former state senator Dan Eastman, has been sober for the past ten years but sobriety did not come easy for him. He constantly struggled with substance abuse dating back to his teenage years. Looking back, Eastman attributes his addictive tendencies to childhood traumas that he wasn’t able to cope with until decades later with the help of rehab and therapy. Eastman abused cocaine, heroin, and various other d...