Sunday, December 6

reapertura ontario

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Cineplex to reopen 25 theaters in Ontario | The Canadian News

For movie lovers, Cineplex announced that 25 theaters will be reopened in Ontario and that the rest will be reopened gradually. Rodrigo Díaz M. As Toronto prepares to enter reopening Phase 3 tomorrow, Cineplex has announced that it will reopen 25 theaters across the province, including eight in Toronto. While movie theaters are one of the businesses allowed to open in Stage 3, Cineplex originally said the indoor meeting limit of 50 people prevented them from doing so. Cineplex cinemas throughout the province will be able to accommodate up to 50 people per auditorium starting tomorrow, Friday, July 31. "The company is taking a phased approach to reopening and anticipates that most of its theaters will reopen in the coming weeks, including its other 43 movie theaters across Ontario," a c...