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This Pixel 5 teardown shows wireless charging work and more

The last Pixel 5 teardown video to connect to the internet shows how Google was able to make the aluminum-framed smartphone work with Qi wireless charging and a few other quirks. Another new addition is a series of plastic clips on the inside of the screen to hold the screen to the rest of the phone. 9to5Google notes that some Pixel 4 units experienced issues with the back panel peeling off, so it seems these clips are another measure to help hold the device together in case the adhesive wears off. The only thing connected to the screen is a vibration motor that acts as the earpiece speaker below the screen, but beyond that, almost everything else is connected to the main chassis of the phone. Once the screen is removed, you can s...
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Another report suggests that Samsung Galaxy S21 will debut in January 2021

Another new report from Korea corroborates recent rumors that the Samsung Galaxy S21 series will debut in January 2021. Maeil Business reports that Samsung's next flagship smartphone line, which could also be called the Galaxy S30, will be available in late January following an Early Unpack event. This is a little before the launch of the Galaxy S20 on February 11. The report indicates that Samsung's decision to launch earlier than expected is a response to Huawei's misfortune. The tech giant is reportedly hoping to fill the void left by the Chinese smartphone maker as it continues to be plagued by US sanctions. It is worth noting that Samsung surpassed Huawei as the largest smartphone maker in Q3 2020. Samsung is likely to be...
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Google works on a solution for the Pixel 5 battery indicator problems

Google is working on a fix for a Pixel 5 bug that causes battery indicators on some devices to stick at a specific percentage despite prolonged use. Multiple users have reported battery gauge issues on social media and Google support forums. Users have indicated that the battery gauge will get stuck at a random percentage and that multiple reboots can fix the problem sometimes. A Google product expert has recognized the problem in a Google Support Forum and stated that “the team is aware of this issue and a fix will be implemented in a future Android update soon. The battery is charging, but the indicator may be stuck. " The Google product expert notes that users can temporarily fix the problem by restarting their device and plug...
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Samsung led global smartphone shipments in Q3 2020: report

The global smartphone market is showing signs of recovery in the third quarter of 2020, while Samsung has regained the top spot, according to a new report from Counterpoint Research. Earlier this year, Huawei had overtaken Samsung for the first time when it came to smartphone shipments worldwide, but Samsung is now back in the top spot with 79.8 million shipments. Huawei came in second with 50.9 million shipments. Samsung managed to recover in markets such as India, Western Europe and Latin America, driven by new models like the Note 20. "Simplified lockdown conditions in all key markets gave way to exports and imports, again streamlining the supply chain," the report said. "The pent-up demand due to the lockdowns helped the smar...