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Google’s Nest Thermostat officially launched in Canada

Of Google All-new Nest thermostat has been officially launched in Canada. The newest member of the Nest family offers a sleek and beautiful design and is an easy-to-use, energy-saving thermostat that you can control from anywhere with the Google Home app. The Nest Thermostat comes in a variety of colors to complement any home - that is, snow, charcoal, sand, and fog. You can install it in 30 minutes or less. It works in most homes, and you can check if it works in your home before buying with our online Compatibility checker. The thermostat can monitor your heating and cooling system and help detect potential problems early. In addition to the Home app, you can also control the thermostat with your voice using the Google Assistant on your Nest speaker or display, or with ...
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Google’s new Nest thermostat is now available in Canada

Google's updated Nest Thermostat is now available in Canada. The new The Nest Thermostat is available for $ 179 in 'Snow', 'Coal', 'Sand' and 'Fog' in Best Buy, Bed Bath & Beyond, Home Depot, Lowes, Rogers and Staples. Google is also selling a Nest Thermostat Trim Kit for $ 19, a plastic backing that sits behind the Nest for a cleaner look. Unlike previous Nest thermostats, the new version of the device is made entirely of plastic. To change the temperature and adjust settings, users slide their finger over a touch-sensitive strip on its right side instead of the physical rotating bezel featured in previous versions. Additionally, the thermostat now includes a color display and lacks the "learning" capabilities that previous vers...
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Google Introduces New Low-Cost Nest Thermostat with Soli and Other Smart Features

Google Nest smart thermostats can be a great way to automate temperature control while saving energy at the same time. However, these digital thermostats can be quite expensive, which is why Google announced the new Nest thermostat with a much lower price of $ 179.99 in Canada. To put this in perspective, the Nest Learning Thermostat costs $ 329, while the lower-cost Thermostat E costs $ 229. Along with introducing a lower-cost alternative, Google also reinvented various aspects of the Nest thermostat to bring more functionality to the users. For starters, the Nest Thermostat relies on the Google Home app rather than the Nest app, like previous smart thermostat offerings. That means users will go through the settings entirely in the Home app and have full control over their heatin...
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Google’s next Nest thermostat to include Soli-like gestures

A new leak adds more credibility to rumors that the next Nest thermostat will include a form of aerial gestures. The leak comes from From Bloomberg Mark Gurman, who has a pretty solid track record when it comes to tech hardware reporting. Beyond gestures, the new thermostat is reportedly priced at $ 129 USD (approximately $ 169 CAD), which puts it below the $ 229 and $ 329 CAD costs of the two existing Nest thermostat models. . The new design is rumored to feature a plastic casing like the Nest E, which makes sense given its low cost. But the most prominent feature is reportedly a form of aerial gestures like the Pixel 4's 'Motion Sense'. The leak claims that users will be able to move their hands up and down to set the temperatur...